Britney Spears is the true definition of an icon @britneyspears


No, this is not another post about how Britney Spears is “back”, simply because she never left to begin with. When press use the term, an artist is ‘back’, they use it loosely, for example, back with a new single, a new performance or a new album. To be honest, we feel the word is quite misleading. Yes, Britney had a few weeks off from her Vegas residency and yes the show has been revisited and has changed considerably, so if we have to use the mainstream word – then yes, ‘Britney is back’ and this round, she is bringing the house down at the same time.

mouse 2

Now, although B’s performance skills are reminiscent to her ‘In The Zone’ days and we are in absolute awe, it is vital that we remember that Britney has many defining moments and every single one is as important as the last.

To put it simply Britney is an icon for a reason. Let’s take a look back and remind ourselves why Brit is one of the most important artists of all time!

Her million dollar looks and her unmistakable fashion statements:

slave 1

slave 4

oop 3

Her performances are second to none:

hottie 2

Her enviable talent:

twil 2

Her parenting skills – the way she can balance a personal life, whilst being a world icon is fascinating:

cutie 2

Her list of awards – the second most awarded female in history – too many to carry:

Her awe-inspiring sex appeal:

rock roll gif 2

sexney 2

But above all, her incredible strength:

Britney has managed to overcome struggles that most sadly do not overcome. It is impossible to ignore how inspirational Britney truly is. Whilst some artists rant about being the best, Britney is not boastful or proud or self-righteous, even though she has the right to be. It is the reason why she is the best, the reason why she is so relatable and the reason why we are proud to stan for the Queen of Pop.

These new Vegas shows are just the start of what is to come! We are getting ready for B9! Are you? Just remember when our fellow sites say B is back, they mean, it is the end of one era and the start of another! She is just simply back to slay your faves again, like she did yesterday…