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Jul 28, 2018

Kevin Williams Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

Its Meet and Greet story time bitch!

Flawless Britney Army Fan, Kevin Williams, met Queen B last night! Check out his story below:

I was already anxious before my long-awaited meet and greet with Britney for one reason: my name. Never in my life had I wished so much my parents didn’t name me KEVIN. So I thought: I have to stand out in a better way.
Our VIP tour consisted of about 25 people. Our host, who gave us the backstage tour and answered our questions, was amazing. Then came time for the big moment.
I should warn you if you plan to do a meet and greet: They are FAST. Like, blink, and you’re done. I could tell from the rate at which people were going in and coming out of the room that this moment was going to be brief, albeit amazing.
When I turned the corner and saw her, she was standing there poised, engaged, and of course beautiful. I said, “Hi! How are you?” She smiled and said “Hi! I like your shirt!”
MY shirt!
I said, “Oh, thank you!” as we turned to the camera for our photo. Then, knowing I only had a couple of seconds left, I told her what I wanted to say:
“I just wanted you to know your first album was the first CD I ever got — for my 10th birthday,” I said as her security guard step toward me to move it along. “That was a time in my life when my parents were separating, my dad almost died, and I was bullied in school — and your music was my only safe place. So thank you.”
“That’s so nice! Thank you so much!” she said.
She listened to me the whole time, eyes locked on mine, even as the staff tried to keep things running on time.
I’m so grateful I made the most of a big moment. I had been waiting to tell her that for 20 years and her attention meant the world to me. The photo is just the cherry on top!
Thank you so much Kevin for sharing your story with us! We are so happy you had an awesome experience!