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Nov 8, 2015

Herbert Monteiro meet and greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

meeet and greet

AW! What a cute pose!

Check out Britney Army member, Herbert Monteiro, meet and greet story:

Well, i would like to share my meet and greet experience with the b-army. I see people who love Britney, as much as i do, as parto f my Family. Maybe because genuine love is something that is impressive to me. First of all I´d like to introduce myself: my name is Herbert Hatchwell. I am from Brazil. I grew up in a really small town called Maués. Maués is known as the “guaraná land”. It´s in Amazonas, the famous brazilian jungle. I´ve become a b-army when i watched the “baby one more time” music vídeo on Mtv for the first time. Since then my life was all about Britney. I grew up listening to Britney songs and promoting her stuff in my town, where people were not used to listen to international artists. Britney became popular in my town after “Toxic” becomes a world wide hit. Sometimes people used to make fun of me. They used to say: “She doesn´t know who you are and she never will.” I must confess i found the same and i used to be so sad about it. But Britney has taught me that we have to believe in our dreams and in ourselves. So i´ve got the opportunity to go to the Femme Fatale Tour. I attended two concerts: the first was in Lisbon (Portugal) and in São Paulo (Brazil). I was so angry because i wanted to meet her but the meet and greet tickets were sold out. When she announced residency i got that my chance had just come! So i started to save up all the Money i could save to make my dream to come true. I started to work in the morning, afternoon anda t night. “Work bitch!” Then i went to Vegas and my dream came true. A friend of mine, called Vance Benett, gave me all the suport i needed. I met Britney in November 5th 2014. I went to Britney´s day event, at The Linq, before the show. I was in a hurry because the backstage tour was at 6:30 pm and the Britney´s day event ended at 6:10 pm.
So, when i had arrived at Planet Hollywood, I met Amy (from Canada) and Hayley (from Australia). And we started to talk abou tour feelings for Britney, our favorite album, single and etc. Hayley met Britney the same day that i did and she was born in the same day i was born! Life is funny, isn´t it? Then we went backstage , we had a break and finally we would meet the living legend. Before that we had an ask and reply with Felicia. I asked her about a DVD release and she told me it is going to be filmed in the end of the residency and then it will be released I told her i was Brazilian and i gave her two guaraná keychains: one to her and the other to Britney. My mother made the gifts, she is a craftswoman. I could see some sparkles in Felicia´s eyes. That was a special moment for me. Then we stayed in queue. Hayley was really nervous and excited so she was the first to meet Britney. When the security opened the door we could hear Britney and Felicia laughing loud and see their shadows through the Piece of me display. My heart started to beat more and more. Hayley went there, then Amy and then was my turn! I was like: “OMG! I am about to meet Britney fu*king spears! Calm down, man! You are not going to screw your night up !”. “Feel comfortable and make Britney comfortable”.
Then the security told me that i should go, that was my time with her. As soon as i saw her my heart raced. I could see fireworks. Lol . I gave her the biggest smile i could and i said: “Hi!” and she replied: “Hi! What’s your name!?” so I introduced myself: “My name is Herbert !! Nice to meet you!” and then she looked into my eyes, smiled with the most beautiful teeth and whiter than i ever seen and said, “My pleasure My name is Britney!” and continued: “I came from Brazil, the Amazon Yeah, the jungle!” she smiled and said, “wow! What a cool! Thank you for coming all this way to see me.” Then I continued, “I came from a very distant and small town like Kentwood. It’s called Maues. There no one believed that one day I would meet you…” Then she smiled, looked into my eyes, quickly took my hand and said, “Look at where you are now …” Then her team told that we would take the picture. So I suggested the photo pose and she loved it. After the photo, I said that my mother loved her and that I loved her (yes, it was tacky but it was natural. Lol . If I was there it was because I love her very much, right?) So her team interrupted me saying I should go , then she said “Just a moment! Let him finish!”. I finished: I told her I was happy to be there and wished her a “Happy day Britney” and then I left. She’s beautiful like a doll, higher than I expected, was not wearing a wig, has smell of vanilla and white chocolate, has a small, soft hand and is very turned, super fit. The most beautiful and sweetest person. She is, literally, an angel. It was wonderful! It was perfect! Better than I expected it to be. And no matter if someone will agree or not but my picture with her is wonderful. My dream came true! I would die if she read my testimony. Thank you God for giving me this blessing, Martha Vance, Barbara, Priscilla, my mother and all those who helped me, believed in me . I can´t believe it´s been a year since my life has changed.