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Mar 25, 2016


Happy 14th Birthday to Britney’s very own dance game: Britney’s Dance Beat!

Britney’s Dance Beat is a one or two player music video game that features songs and video’s from the Queen Of Pop herself. Players are required to pass auditions to tour as one of Britney’s back up dancers! Now,  wouldn’t that be nice!

The game involves pushing buttons in time with her music. There is a pointer that moves around a dial, indicating when to push a button.

The game focuses on 5 songs and a successful play is rewarded with a backstage pass that unlocks featured such as backstage video footage. There is also a video vault and photo shoots during the credits.

The video game was first released on Game Boy Advance on March 25, 2002, followed by a PlayStation release on May 8, 2002 and PC on June 19, 2002. Check out this awesome behind the scenes footage from the advert.

Celebrate with us by playing the game today!

Happy Birthday Dance Beat!