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Slumber Party feat. Tinashe has officially been released!

We have a major radio requesting campaign underway on Britney-Galaxy.com for Slumber Party! Let’s make sure to get this song played on radio by requesting over the next days! We have put together key requesting links for you to request on! We also have posted full instructions!

Make sure to request Slumber Party on the biggest radio stations in the top 20 markets in the U.S.!

It’s crucial to request this song so we can hear Britney on radio airwaves across the nation!

Click here for the #SlumberParty Universe Radio Requesting Campaign post where you will find quick requesting links, and easy to follow instructions on how to request #SlumberParty on radio!

Here are some key radio stations you should request on (Mediabase and Twitter links + Texting):





Text Numbers:

Hot 99.5 Washington D.C.: 99338

KIIS FM Los Angeles: 41027 (Text: “I request Slumber Party by Britney Spears Feat. Tinashe on JoJo’s Top 9 at 9”)

*(KIIS FM has been playing it early; GO KIIS FM L.A.!)*

Z100 New York: 55100 (Very Important!)

KRBE Houston: 37530

#1: Z100 New York (WHTZ):

zip code: 10003


#2: 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles, CA:

zip code: 90001


#3: KRBE Houston, Texas

zip code: 77001


#4: WIHT FM Hot 995 Washington, DC:

zip code: 20001


#5: Y100 Miami, Florida

Zip code: 33101


#6: Q102 Philadelphia, PA

Zip code: 19019


#7: WKSC FM Chicago, IL

Zip Code: 60290


#8: KKRZ FM Portland, Oregon:

Zip Code: 97201


#9: WBBM FM Chicago, IL:

Zip Code: 60290


Let’s get RadioNey+Slumber PartyNey going everyone!

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