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Feb 14, 2016


‘Can’t you tell I’m havin’ fun..’ We sure can B! Happy 11th Birthday to your powerhouse anthem, ‘Do Somethin’! Let’s celebrate with some interesting facts!

The ‘Loveboat’ T-shirt worn in the video was seen previously, during the making of the ‘Toxic’ video.

The record label was not keen on the release of a ‘Do Somethin’’ music video, however Britney pushed for it.

The ‘Hello Kitty’ necklace was the most expensive ‘Hello Kitty’ item at the time. There was a rumour, that this was in fact the most expensive necklace used in a music video of all time, however, without receipts, we find this one a little hard to believe.

‘Do Somethin’’ is Britney’s first time as a co-director. She felt that after so many music videos, she was loosing the fun aspect. She wanted to experience something new and see what it would be like on the other side of the camera.

Britney is credited as Mona Lisa in the video, which is the name of her alter ego at the time. She claimed her alter ego was the one who made sure things got done, it was her bossy persona. She said it was much easier being called Mona Lisa instead of Britney, as she was a perfectionist. This way it was not Britney being nasty, it was Mona…

F.I.B.S branding is seen in the video, however this is not the first time Britney has advertised for them. F.I.B.S also appears in the outrageous ‘video’.

Billie Woodruff co-directed the video, he previously (first)worked with Britney on ‘Born To Make You Happy’. Britney called the video shoot, filmed in December 2004, as hectic – as they completed the entire shoot in an impressive 5 hours.

The video was styled and choreographed entirely by Brit herself.

During the scene where Britney and her girls are flying in a pink Hummer, the dashboard (until later removed) featured a pattern that resembled the Luis Vuitton design, prompting the designer company to lay a law suit against Brit… It was claimed by Forbes that LV won the law suit and were awarded 80 000EUR.. ouch! The law suit effected Sony BMG and not Brit herself and the music video was banned on all European music channels…

The music video for the song was due to debut on MTV on 21st February 2005 – however it leaked online on the 18th February 2005..

The ‘Do Somethin’’ cast are mainly Britney’s friends from Louisiana.

Unfortunately this video is still banned in Europe, hence the extremely low views on VEVO, so if you are in the States, you will luckily be able to reminisce by watching the link below…

Alternatively, you can watch this epic performance from her revamped Piece Of Me performance instead!

Happy 11th Birthday Do Somethin’! Nananananana….