Today marks the 10th anniversary of Britney’s Will And Grace episode ‘Buy Buy Baby.’

Following this hilarious and iconic episode….

… it was only a matter of time before Britney made an appearance on the hit TV show.

‘Buy, Buy Baby,’ is the eighteenth episode of Will & Grace’s eight season, which not only included a guest appearance from Britney, but also Wanda Sykes and George Takei.

In the episode, Jack’s (Sean Hayes) talk show, ‘Jack Talk’ is revamped after right wing conservatives take over the gay network, ‘OutTV.’ The new owners hire the ultra-conservative Amber-Louise (Britney) as Jack Talk’s new co-host, infuriating Jack. While Jack is deciding whether or not he will stand up to his new bosses, Karen (Megan Mullally) desires a baby of her own, after seeing how happy Grace (Debra Messing) is about her pregnancy. This prompts Karen to pay a surrogate (Wanda Sykes) to carry one for her.

There was a bit of negative press before the airing of the episode after a press release from NBC claimed that the episode would include a scene in which Britney hosted a Christian segment called, ‘Crci-fixins.’ The name of the segment was met with protest from Christian groups, who believed it was mocking Jesus’ crucifixion. It was also due for release just before Easter which angered the American Family Association. It was claimed that the section was cancelled due to the uproar, however NBC claimed that it never existed in the first place.

During the episode, although not thrilled about it, Jack is told to compromise, only to discover that Amber-Louise is in fact a lesbian and is pretending to be an ultra-conservative Christian to get by in the TV world. She asks him to go along with it in aid of keeping his job.

Jack decides to get on board and informs his guest, actor George Takei, that the network asked that he not reveal he is gay on the show. Will is not happy about any of this and tells Jack to be himself and not to be pushed around, to stand up for who he is. Jack takes Will’s advice and does not compromise and he loses his job.

The episode was a massive success with 3.7 million households tuning into the original airing of the show. Critics praised the show stating that it was nice to see Britney playing a comedy character and not just another guest appearing as herself.

Let’s celebrate by watching the best bits of the show:

Ahh, we miss this show! Happy Birthday, ‘Buy, Buy Baby!’