SO Britney Spears did something AMAZING for this fan @fitlikebritney @britneyspears


OK this is really incredible and it will make all of you cry when you read what Britney Army member, Alycia Harlow, just received today.

It was a typical day for Alycia Harlow, until she received her mail and got a HANDWRITTEN letter from BRITNEY SPEARS.


Check out her story:

Today something beyond unexpected and beyond my wildest dreams happened. I received a handwritten card from Britney herself. The moment I opened it and saw my name, I immediately recognized the handwriting and burst into tears. I am an incredibly private person, but I created Fit Like Britney over a year ago to open up and share my journey … and here I am to share this message with you too. She wrote:
Your hard work and dedication are so inspiring – you look amazing! You are a beautiful person inside and out.
Would love for you to reward yourself and come to one of my shows in Vegas in 2016! Lete know what day, and I’ll make sure you get a pair of tickets. = )
And she signed it …. signature heart and all.
Happy Britween, everyone. This is one treat I’ll never forget!
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fit like brit

fit like brit

Alycia you deserve this SO much and we are SO HAPPY that you have always been an AMAZING Britney Army member. We are SO SO SO proud that you are apart of the Army and Britney sent you this letter. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! WE ALL ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!

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