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Spotlight on Britney Army Fan Louis Capici!

Spotlight on Britney Army Fan Louis Capici!

Its Sunday y’all and you know what the means its time to feature a flawless Britney Army member on our main page! Today we are featuring, Louis Capici, who has been a Britney fan since day one. Check out his interview below:

1) What started you to love Britney Spears? 

I was obsessed right away. I was about 8 years old when Baby one more time came out….And the first time I ever heard the song was before I even saw the video. My brother is about 4 years older than me, and we went to the mall one weekend in NJ and he asked our mom to buy him the cassette copy of the baby one more time album. He played it in the car ride home and i was obsessed instantly. Once I saw the video I was even more obsessed. But Oops I did it again is when I truly fell in love and knew I would be a fan for my entire life time.


2) What was your first Britney Spearsconcert? 

My parents took me to see the Oops tour and it was my first real concert experience. I think any kid would be so lucky to have Britney Spears be the first concert they ever go to. I ended up going to every tour afterwards.


3) What is your favorite Britney Spearsconcert? 

My favorite tours equally are Dream within A Dream and Onyx Hotel.



4) What is your favorite Britney Spears perfume? 

I honestly don’t wear perfume, and don’t have a favorite. But the ones I have smelt before all smelt equally amazing in my opinion 🙂


5) What is your favorite Britney Spears Song? 

I honestly don’t have a single favorite…But I usually choose “Me against the music” because I am also a Madonna fan and just remember dying when they collaborated together…It was like a gay boys dream to see two of his favorite pop icons working together. In reality though it’s hard to narrow it down to just one song for me.


6) What is your favorite unreleased Britney Spears song? 

I love so many to be honest it’s also hard to narrow it down to one. But if I had to choose, I would say mood ring. It would’ve been a hot single if it was released in the US on glory!


7) What is your favorite photoshoot? 

In the zone era photo shoots, W magazine, and V magazine shoots are my favs….


 8) Have you ever met Britney before, if so explain what you said to her!

Yes twice, and the third time will be this summer. I’m so glad I was picked because I love sharing this story.

The first time I met Britney Spears was in 2003 and it was completely by accident. So as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been a Britney fan basically since day one. However when I was in middle school I struggled with being gay and was a complete closet case. I was ashamed to admit I was a Britney fanatic because I was worried the kids would make fun of me for it and realize that I was gay. It was to point where if my parents took me to her concerts I begged them to keep it a secret from my friends. When friends would come over I’d take all my britney pictures and posters down from my wall. I can’t believe there was an actual time I was ashamed to admit my love for the queen. Anyway, I grew up in NYC and went to middle school in Greenwich village. This was the end of 7th grade, right before summer and the scandalous VMAs performance with Madonna. There was a boutique near our school called “Blush”. So some older kid came up to me and my friend and whispers “Britney Spears is shopping right now in blush, don’t tell anyone because everyone will run there. Let’s go!” So even though I didn’t want to make it obvious, I was absolutely dying on the inside….My friends and I went in the store and approached her and she was so nice. She asked us our names, and literally signed a piece of loose leaf we ripped out of our notebooks with a sharpie that she asked someone in the store to borrow. She hugged us both and did her infamous “awwwww” and the entire school ended up being outside the store and that’s the day everyone discovered how much I loved Britney Spears haha. It was no longer a secret because I couldn’t contain myself. That was one of the best moments of my life….

I of course met her a second time because I bought a meet and greet for POM when I was much older…A great experience but nothing compares to the first one…i didn’t get to say much to her that time, but I am looking forward to meeting her again and hoping to share a shortened version of my story from 2003 with her! I also plan to thank her so much for all that she’s said and done for the LGBT community.


9) What do you admire about Britney?

I admire that she isn’t superficial whatsoever. You can tell she doesn’t always buy or wear the most expensive clothes/things every single day. She eats regular food sometimes and isn’t ashamed of it. She loves Starbucks. And she’ll wear almost anything a fan has bought for her. I love that she’s a talented A list celebrity but just gives no cares about being perfect. And that’s what makes her perfect to me.

Of course what I admire the most about her is how she overcame some deep struggles that I feel I can completely connect with, and came back from them stronger and better than ever. She truly is an inspiration for that, and I honestly think she’s perfect just the way that she is.


10) What is your favorite Britney TV moment? 

Every single VMAS performance over the years.


11) Favorite Britney Quote? 

“I would like to be called an inspiration to people, not a role model – because I make mistakes like everybody else. When I’m offstage, I’m just like everybody else.”


“I guess it’s because I do have a younger audience that, you know, parents worry about the role model thing. But when I was younger, I looked up to people, but I never wanted to be them. I always had my own identity. I’m an entertainer when I’m on stage, and they need to explain that to their kids. That’s not my job to do that.” While I feel all Women in pop culture should always be credited, I do think that Britney paved the way for the younger adult generation of girls to come out and be performers and express their sexuality/whatever they want through performance without being ridiculed. Britney had to go through hell and back in the beginning of her career just to express herself through her art. I do feel women are always shamed, but in terms of pop music I feel we’ve progressed and have come along way, and Britney deserves a lot of credit for that. The media tried to ridicule her and rip her apart for not being a role model. I loved when she defended herself throughout that madness…And I also love that she acknowledged that there’s a difference between being a “role model” and an “inspiration” and she expressed she’d rather be an inspiration. I think almost 20 years later, we can all agree that she achieved being the inspiration she always wanted to be!


12) Why do you love Britney Spears?

Besides that I love her music, her art, her voice, performance ethic etc…I have to express that again I love her for being far from superficial. Even back in the day when watching her behind the scenes on TV she always was just a regular cute, kinda dorky girl that we indeed could see being a regular person we could relate to and have fun with….She never was a diva, as much of an icon as she was and is, and I think that’s what I love the most about her….


13) Favorite song off “Glory”? 

Hard to pick just one but if I had to I would say “make me”.


14) Has Britney have helped or inspired you in your life?

Britney has definitely both helped and inspired me. Her song “piece of me” resonates with me. I’ve struggled with my weight being up and down, I’ve struggled with people criticizing and talking about me about being gay, or over many different things I’ve done or choices I’ve made, and Britney has helped me care less about what people think about me, and to just try and love myself despite anything.

15) Are you seeing Britney’s “Piece Of Me” tour? 

Yes! I saw it 4 times in Vegas, including closing night on New Year’s Eve. And I am going July 23rd and have a meet and greet, and most likely will see her July 21st in Atlantic City. I am not ready for it to end!


16)  Favorite memory Britney has done in her career that you loved?

My god I have too many haha. But kissing Madonna. That was awesome! I loved whenever she was controversial just for having fun in her performances.


17) Are you looking forward to new Britney Spears music?!?!

Omg yes! I need to know what she’s working on! Haha


18) Anything you would want to tell Britney if she was reading this? 

I would honestly just thank her so much for being the humble person that she is. And for not caring about what other people think while continuing to do her thing. I especially would thank her for being a strong ally to the LGBT community and let her know how much I felt she deserved to receive the GLAAD award.

Spotlight on Britney Army Member Nima Nakhshab!

Spotlight on Britney Army Member Nima Nakhshab!

It’s Sunday y’all and that means its time to feature another flawless member of the Britney Army! On this spearitual Sunday we are featuring flawless Britney Army fan, Nima Nakhshab. Check out his feature below:

1) What started you to love Britney Spears?

Back in 1999 I was 8 years old, and I remember being at Best Buy in Mission Viejo (it’s still open) asking my dad if I could buy …Baby One More Time. I don’t remember how or why I knew who Britney Spears was l, but I knew I HAD to have the album. I remember getting home, putting the CD in my computer and watching the music video a million times. Since then the rest is history.

2) What was your first Britney Spears concert?

I first saw Britney live in 2003 at KIISFM’s Jingle Ball. She had just released In The Zone and I remember on the car ride there my cousin skipped Breathe On Me and Touch Of My Hand because they were too inappropriate! Sadly my first ever concert was the Circus tour. I have no idea what took me so long as I literally followed Britney’s career religiously since 1999.

3) What is your favorite Britney Spears concert?

The Circus tour was so well done. Marketing wise it was promoted so beautifully and the production was next level. Especially for that time. I think I loved Piece Of Me because I was literally 5 feet away from Britney the entire night.

4) What is your favorite Britney Spears perfume?

I have every single one because I love the bottle designs. I love that she keeps releasing different Fantasys – that way I can update my collection every year! My favorite is Curious and the Original Fantasy. Circus Fantasy smells amazing though.

5) What is your favorite Britney Spears song?

I can’t choose one.
Break The Ice
Kill The Lights
Hold It Against Me
Right Now Taste The Victory
Before The Goodbye
Love Me Down
Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)

6) What is your favorite unreleased Britney Spears song?

The original And Then We Kiss, Dangerous, and Love 2 Love U

7) What is your favorite photoshoot?

The Onyx Hotel tour-book Photoshoot.

8) Have you ever met Britney before, if so explain what you said to her!

I have, I told her “thank you for being the soundtrack to my life for the last 20 years.”
She responded saying “aww you’re so sweet thank you”

What’s funny is our meet and greet photo was about be a normal side by side one; but I asked her “can we look at each other instead, and she said “uh huh!!” like she was excited to do something new. So that was cool.

Staring into Britney Spears eyes for 10 or seconds was so intimidating. It was awesome.

9) What do you admire about Britney?

That she’s carefree but a hard worker at the same time. That she paved the way for so many people, and dealt with issues celebrities these days don’t have to because of her. She’s my hero.

10) What is your favorite Britney TV moment?

Billboard Music Awards in 2016, and the 2003 VMAs opening with Christina and Madonna.


11) Favorite Britney Quote?

“Success isn’t about conquering something, it’s being happy with who you are…”

12) Why do you love Britney Spears?

I grew up with Britney. I literally use Britney events to put a timeline to my own life. She inspires me and no other music in the world kicks my ass harder at the gym than hers. There’s a certain positive aura when it comes to Britney, and everyone in my life from my family, job and online knows I love her.

13) Favorite song off “Glory”?

Love Me Down or Liar

14) Has Britney have helped or inspired you in your life?

If it wasn’t for Britney I wouldn’t be doing design, photography, mixes and even marketing. Her entire career has inspired me to do what I love everyday.


15) Are you seeing Britney’s “Piece Of Me” tour?


Sadly she’s not coming to LA, I hope she performs Hold It Against Me.


16) Favorite memory Britney has done in her career that you loved?

Released the Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) Video.


17) Are you looking forward to new Britney Spears music?!?!

Everyday. I really hope she works with Max Martin to bring some pop bangers back into the game but also follows her artistry and does music her way too.


18) Anything you would want to tell Britney if she was reading this?

Britney thank you for the iconic last 20 years, here’s to 20 more. (Also hire me) 🙂


Britney Will Recieve The Icon Award At Radio Disney Music Awards

Britney Will Recieve The Icon Award At Radio Disney Music Awards

Britney will recieve the Icon award at this years Radio Disney Music Awards.

Radio Disney just announced it on thier official Twitter.

The Icon Award was created to recognize artists who have not only cultivated massive success in pop culture, but one who also has a strong following of Radio Disney fans.

On selecting Spears to receive the award, Phil Guerini, vp music strategy at Disney Channels Worldwide and general manager at Radio Disney Network, said: “Having just celebrated 20 years of Radio Disney in 2016, we are excited to introduce the DMA Icon Award as special recognition of an artist whose music has been loved and adored by generations of Radio Disney fans. We are proud to celebrate Britney as the first recipient for this award acknowledging her chart-topping career on Radio Disney since 1998.”

Celebrating 16 Years Of The Oops!…I Did It Again Album – Britney Spears – With Interesting Facts

Celebrating 16 Years Of The Oops!…I Did It Again Album – Britney Spears – With Interesting Facts

Can you believe that it has been 16 years since the release of the ‘Oops!…I Did It Again,’ album.

Britney’s second album held the record for the highest first week sales for a female artist for over 15 years, only Adele managed to top the sales with her album, ’25.’ In Fact the album broke the record for the highest first week album sales of all time, before it was later taken over by Eminem and *NSYNC.

The album was originally going to be called Sunflower, it was then changed to Platinum 2000, however they finally settled on naming the album after the lead single. Britney started working on the album in early 1999, after the massive success of her début album.

Dear Diary, the track written by Britney, was due to have a more darker ending – with her love interest leaving her for her best friend, however this was changed to ensure it did not destroy the element of love and happiness for her younger audience.

‘When Your Eyes Say It,’ was due to be released as the fourth single from the album, however was held back to make way for, ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know.’ The release was then entirely scrapped to make way for, ‘I’m A Slave 4 U.’ It is believed a music video was shot for the single by Johnathon Dayton and Valerie Faris, however there is a lot of grey matter surrounding the confirmed and denied information. Full details regarding the single release and video can be found HERE.

A song called ‘He Loves Me Not,’ was originally intended for Britney, however she did not like the song and it was later recorded by girl band, ‘Dream.’

‘You Got It All,’ was originally intended for Britney’s début album and was included in the promotional tape in 1998. It is believed that this was the first ever track Britney recorded for, ‘…Baby One More Time.’

The pictures used for the album, the ‘Lucky’ single cover and the ‘Oops!.. I Did It Again’ single were all shot on the same day.

The, ‘Oops!…I Did It Again,’ single has the most versions (official and promotional) than any other single in Britney’s entire discography.

The ‘other girl,’ Britney chats to throughout the whole album is her family friend and long term assistant Felicia (FE). The male voice in Oops! is in fact Max Martin.

The spoken Max Martin interlude in the track is a reference to the 1997 box office smash, Titanic. It was included after a personal joke between Max and Britney during recoding.

A song called, ‘Asking For Trouble,’ was due to be released on the album, but was taken out last minute. The reason for leaving the track out is unknown.

‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,’ was going to be released as a promotional single and was even performed at the MTV VMAS’s 2000. Britney’s record label decided against the single release due to some critics calling it the worst remake of all time, which is of course one of the most ridiculous things we have ever heard.

The album continued to sell over 25 million copies, making it one of the highest selling albums of all time. Britney did however sell more albums with her début, ‘…Baby One More Time,’ with over 30 million albums sold worldwide.

Just take some time to let that sink in.. Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (individually) are yet to surpass these first two album sales with their entire solo catalogue.

Stefan Kendal Gordy and Skyler Austen Gordy are credited as background vocals for ‘Lucky,’ they are better known today as Redfoo and Sky Blu in LMFAO.

Bobby Brown, better known for Whitney Houston’s on and off ex, was credited as the assistant engineer of the album. Bobby Brown was also the original singer for the future Britney hit, ‘My Prerogative.’

In Italy, they forgot to print Britney’s name on the, ‘Stronger,’ single cover.

The video for, ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know,’ was deemed too racy and needed a few re-shoot scenes. Justin Timberlake, Britney’s boyfriend at the time was not happy with how close Britney and the French model looked and Britney’s mom Lynne was not happy about the video’s racy content. You can read more about that HERE.

Michael Cottril and Lawrence Wnukowski, two musicians, sued Britney and her label for unauthorized use of their songs, ‘What You See Is What Get,’ and ‘Can’t Make You Love Me.’ The case was later dismissed as there was no proof that the songs were stolen, it appeared that their claims were fabricated.

When, ‘Stronger,’ was released, it became the highest selling single in the US at the time.

‘Where are You Now,’ was also rumoured to feature on Britney’s debut album, however the track was replaced with, ‘I Will Be There.’ The song was re-recorded in November 1999, to feature on, ‘Oops.’

‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know,’ was written by Shania Twain and her partner Matt Lunge.

Celebrate with us by watching these amazing recording clips:

It is also time to get these iconic videos VEVO certified:

Happy Birthday to this flawless albums… We are feeling so damn nostalgic right now!

Celebrating 16 years of, ‘Oops!… I Did It Again,’ with interesting facts!

Today we celebrate the 16th birthday of the iconic, ‘Oops!… I did it again.’

The video was considered Britney’s first approach to a ‘racier’ image by critics. During this time, it was claimed that Britney was a virgin and critics used this video to question the authenticity of the claim.

The video was filmed by Nigel Dick who had worked with Britney on numerous videos at this point, with ‘…Baby One More Time’ being one of them. The video was shot between the 17th and 18th of March.

The CD single is the one with the most remix versions and most are extremely rare.

During the production, one of the cameras fell and hit Britney on the head. Britney received four stitches however continued to film the remainder of the video with only 4 hours rest.

Britney came up with the entire video concept. She wanted the video to take place on Mars and she wanted to go with the red cat suit look. The final choices were between a red or a black cat suit and Britney preferred the red one. The video premiered on MTV’s making the video on the 10th April 2000. ‘I want to be in a red jumpsuit. I want to have a really cute spaceman, but there can’t be any rockets’ said Brit. Nigel Dick also commented on Britney’s choice of outfit: ‘There was another cat suit actually, which was fantastic, which I loved, and the night before, I was told that Britney hired this guy that worked with Michael Jackson and so we’re going to use that cat suit. So that’s the cat suit.’ The cat suit was so tight, Britney needed to use powder to slide into the suit and also to avoid sticking to the suit (it was extremely hot and sweaty).

There was also a behind the scenes from Felicia’s perspective.

The video is one of her most iconic, however lost out to 4 Awards (she received 4 nominations) at The MTV Video Music Awards. The song also lost out to a Grammy and also to the Kid’s Choice Awards 2001 (She lost out to the Baha Men – ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ – believe it or not!). Loosing out to all the wards created outrage – especially as she lost out to many one hit wonders.

The video was filmed on the same soundstage as Jurassic Park and Pirates of The Caribbean.

Eli Swanson who plays the astronaut, traded in his Space Suit for some scrubs. He is now a qualified surgeon… see the full article HERE.

A record of 155 radio stations added the song to their playlists in the first week of the songs release. This reflects the hype around the single.

There was a lot of rumours about breast implants when the video came out, this was later proven to be false and a case of padding in the cat suit. Britney requested the padding as she felt the tight cat suit, made her look flat. A radio station in Scranton, Pennsylvania even went as far as to create a parody of the song called, ‘Oops! They Deflated Again.’ The comedy in the track was seriously poor and failed to be funny, so instead of posting the lame attempt at humour, let’s rather look at this hilarious clip of the song with no music instead… this one is actually funny.

There were articles around the time claiming that the song was a diss to her previous girl band, ‘Innocence,’ by using the line, ‘I’m not that innocent.’ The people writing the articles clearly did not listen to the lyrics of the song and their claims made no sense whatsoever…

If you watch the scenes of Britney in white on the floor – when Britney sings, ‘I cry watching the days,’ one of the dancers messes up the dance routine (look top left)..

Everyone knows that the dialogue, ‘…but I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end,’ was a nod to Titanic, right? Max Martin confirmed that this was due to a personal inside joke they had about the box office smash.

The man talking in the song, is in fact Max Martin himself.

Britney famously performed the song at the VMA Video Music Awards in 2000, in a nude outfit that caused outrage with parents. Britney brilliantly responded with, ‘I am not the kids parents, I can’t tell them what to do. I just go up and do my thing.’

In the 2002 Austin Powers: Goldmember movie, Austin blows up a fembot Britney and references the famous song lyrics, ’Oops!… I Did It Again.’

The filming of the video can be accessed on the Greatest Hits DVD: My Prerogative. Have a look at the video comparisons here:

Let’s celebrate this milestone by watching the video, which is almost VEVO certified:

And catch up on some of her iconic performances:

Happy Birthday Oopsney!


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