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Britney Wishes Happy 4th Of July

Memories!!! Had to share. Happy 4th everyone!


Happy 15th Tour-Versary Britney!


15 years ago, on June 28, 1999 to be exact, our queen of universe started her very first big tour …Baby One More Time, at the age of 17. Ever since she has been entertaining Britney army all around the world with amazing tours.

Read the whole article here and see the pics from 1991 to this date. How much did she change? Or did she change at all, come to our forum and celebrate together with other fans!

Britney wins March Madness!

Britney beats Eminem on Celebuzz’s March Madness final. She won for a second time! Congratulations Britney Army!

Happy 10th anniversary, Onyx!

The Onyx Hotel Tour, was the fourth Britney Spears tour, started 10 years ago today in San Diego.

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