Britney’s Albums Deserve The Vinyl Treatment – Join Our Petition

Whist we patiently wait for B9, we thought it may be the right time to start getting a little creative…

We are around 2 years away from Britney’s 20th anniversary, since the release of Britney’s debut single, ‘…Baby One More Time.’  Yup, you read that correctly – 20 glorious years of Britney, Bitch! So assuming that Britney releases a Limited Edition Fan pack in conjunction with the celebration of this epic milestone, we thought we would throw in some ideas in hope that team B listens to our needs!

Now, you may be thinking, ”Hold up! Is it not a bit too early?” Well, you see Rome was not built in a day, these things take time, so the earlier we plant the seeds, the more likely it is that we will get the perfect box set.

First things first, we definitely want an update of this box set, right?

Like, this goes without saying and is an absolute essential. It would be a massive bonus if the DVD includes some extra footage from ‘Outrageous’ and the ‘Perfume’ deleted scenes – pretty please!!

But above all, a limited edition box set of all Britney’s albums on Vinyl would drive us crazy!!


Like, can you imagine how amazing this would be??


Not only would this make for glorious new wall-art, but listening to Britney on Vinyl would be a dream come true!


‘In The Zone,’  and ‘Blackout,’ like you have never heard them before, with album covers larger than life (if life was smaller than 12 inches)!



Possibly with limited Edition colored disks or previously unreleased booklet material?


Like, there is not a price we would not pay! In fact we would buy a few just to keep a few in immaculate untouched condition…


A limited Edition pre-order to keep them unique and rare…


Now, if you agree with us, which you should… join us in making this happen by signing our petition. The more attention it gets, the more likely this will become a reality.


Also make sure to join us on Universe and give us a list of your wish list for the 20th Anniversary release, you never know who may be reading…