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May 14, 2016

Celebrating 8 Years Of Everything Must Go – How I Met Your Mother – Featuring Britney As Abby

Today we celebrate the 8th birthday of Britney’s second ‘How I Met Your Mother’ appearance, ‘Everything Must Go.’

Following an extremely successful first appearance, Britney was invited back to play the part of ‘kooky’ receptionist Abby.

Barney is still plagued by the mysterious woman who has been informing his conquests of his true intentions, leading to a slap from whomever he is attempting to seduce. However, he is onto the saboteur and follows her from the bar and to a taxi. Upon confronting her, he discovers that it is Abby, Stella’s secretary, who is in love with Ted and was subject to one of Barney’s one-night stands.” – Wikipedia

”The two reconcile after learning of their mutual hatred of Ted, who has “dumped” Barney as a friend and ignored Abby in favor of Stella. They plan to destroy Ted by showing how terrible he is to others when he is in a relationship, but Abby thinks her fake relationship with Barney is more than just a ruse, especially when he proposes to her in front of Ted.” – Wikipedia

The episode was met with positive reactions from both fans and critics. Let’s celebrate by watching the show’s best bits below:

Brilliant! So many brilliant quotes! Make sure to celebrate with us by watching the full episode today!