Britney-Galaxy’s #BritneyNumberOne and #GloryStreamingParty week! @britneyspears

glory 1

Are you ready for day two Britney Army??!?!?

Wednesday, August 31st 2016

Note these times are EST

1:00 EST: We will be tweeting #MakeBritneyNumberOne and also #BritneyNumberOne on twitter

2:00 EST: We will be hosting a #GloryStreamingParty by using either hashtags #BritneyNumberOne or #MakeBritneyNumberOne

4:00 EST: We are asking anyone who purchased “Glory” to take a picture of yourself holding Britney’s new cd glory or you can snap a picture of the copies you purchased. Be sure to use the hashtags #BritneyNumberOne or #MakeBritneyNumberOne

5:00 EST: Lip Sync your favorite “Glory” song! We are asking fans to record themselves lip syncing to their favorite song off “Glory”! Be sure to use the hashtags #BritneyNumberOne or #MakeBritneyNumberOne

6:00 EST: Gifting Hour; Fans that would like to gift anyone “Glory” please tweet it and Britney-Galaxy will RT it!! Be sure to use the hashtags #BritneyNumberOne or #MakeBritneyNumberOne

7:00 EST: We will be another tweeting hour with #MakeBritneyNumberOne and also #BritneyNumberOne on twitter

8:00 EST: We will be hosting another #GloryStreamingParty by using either hashtags #BritneyNumberOne or #MakeBritneyNumberOne

9:00 EST: and RCA will be hosting a “Glory” release party located at the New Jersey club “Feathers” tonight! If anyone would like to come, dance your butts off and help promote “Glory” come to this FUN night! Below is the flyer:

wtf 1.jpg

Thursday we are adding a #BuyGloryThursday where fans will go to local CD stores and buy the album again!!

Note during all these tasks we are assigning the Britney Army PLEASE feel free to stream glory and keep promoting glory!*

By participating in any of these tasks submits you into our Glory No. 1 campaign! We are selecting the most dedicated fans to receive a signed “Glory” vinyl copy by Britney!! Let’s get to work bitch!!

Be sure to check for tomorrows tasks!