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Dec 16, 2015

Britney Galaxy Exclusive Interview With Penelope Magnet!!

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Britney-Galaxy has an Exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Penelope Magnet. In case you don’t know who Penelope is, she wrote songs for Britney such as; Me Against The Music, Early Mornin’, and Outrageous.  Check out the EXCLUSIVE interview below:

How did you start working with Tricky?

Penelope: I met Tricky through a mutual friend. He loved my music and asked me to do some work with him at his studio. It was the beginning of an awesome working relationship!

What was meeting Britney for the first time like?

Penelope: Meeting Brit for the first time was freaking awesome! She has such a dynamic personality and she is super cool. She is very professional but she is still a rockin good time!

What was her creative process like?

Penelope: Britney has a dope creative process. She loves to vibe and she loves to dance. She gets really excited about her work. She is a ray of light in the studio

How did Me Against The Music come to be? Was it written over a pre-made instrumental?

Penelope: Me Against The Music started with a hot loop. I had started writing a song for myself to it. I came up with some melodies and I really wanted it to be playful and deep. It was important to recognize Tupac in the title to me. I loved him and Big. Tupac had an album entitled “Me Against The World” hence Me Against the Music. The electricity of that era breathed life into Brit’s record

What was your initial reaction to Madonna featuring on the track last minute?

Penelope: I was completely stoked about Madonna being on the record. She is a legend and a diva

The fans love your original rap. What was the inspiration behind it? Do you still rap?

Penelope: Thank you! My rap was all about being sexy and hanging out with my girl Britney! I also shouted out Method Man in my rap. Yes I still rap

Rockstar is a fan favorite you did with Brit that didn’t surface until 2011, tell us about that track.

Penelope: Rockstar was about guys that try to put on but can’t back it up

Sippin On is another favorite, can you tell us about that track and the process of writing and producing it?

Penelope: Sippin on was inspired by sitting out by the beach sipping on something tropical. It was really a pimpette record. We wanted to create a midtempo club record.

Early Mornin was Brit’s favorite song from In The Zone & your vocals on the chorus are so cool. Did Britney ask you to sing the chorus? Do you prefer the album version, or the demo that surfaced that says “shit” instead of “it” better?

Penelope: Brit’s A&R liked the way Brit and I sounded together and he liked my vocals on the chorus. We had fun with it, I love how it turned out. “It” was clever and perfect for the record

Britney was credited as vocal arranger on several tracks from In The Zone, what was her procees like?

Penelope: Britney has an awesome ear! She is extremely talented and has a keen sense of what is good and what works for her. She has a distinct tonality that translates as a pop sensibility or hit voice! She’s a great singer and she definitely knows what she wants

What was the process of writing Mad Love like?

Penelope: I don’t know which one Mad Love is

The Hook Up was an ultimate fan favorite too, which was amazing live. What was the inspiration and recording process like?

Penelope: The Hook Up was fun! Tricky and I were vibing in the studio and Steve Lunt loved what we were doing so then The Hook Up was born! The original had some expletives in it as well but I decided to change “said that he wanna fuck” to “said he wanna hook up”
It was a riot lol all in fun! I love hard records and that one had a nice reggae feel to it

Vocally, which Britney track impressed you most?

Penelope: Early Mornin was my fave. I love her adlibs on that one. It was very trippy with the two of us tripped out and vibed out like that. She gave it a really nice basement tone.

Are there any tracks you worked on with Brit that haven’t surfaced you could tell us about?

Penelope: There were a few other hooks that we did that Britney sang. Tricky had them on a hard drive. I also vaguely remember Britney and I writing one with Scott Storch.

Was the Scott track “Giving It Up For Love”?

Penelope: To be honest with you, my memory isn’t very good. I can’t remember the titles of every song I’ve written. I write so many songs for pleasure that I would have to hear them to remember. I love writing. This is my passion so I do it all the time. It’s a release

Do you have any fun stories about Britney in the studio?

Penelope: Britney is a born Partygirl in the studio. She’s very focused and she loves Starbucks Vanilla Frapuccinos. We worked our butts off and had fun doing it. She is an awesome person and the ultimate professional.

Would you work with Britney again?

Penelope: I would definitely work with Britney again if the situation were to present itself. She is so cool

Can fans expect any solo music from you soon?

Penelope: I’ve recorded an album or two and I am currently working in the studio on new music. I will let you know. My last album was entitled Partygirl. I am going to keep partying on this one. I’ll keep you posted

Thank you so much for everything, is there anything you want to say to us Britney fans?

Penelope: Thank you so much. I really appreciate the love and support. Please take a listen to my private link on Soundcloud. I have more to come, and I would be honored to work with Britney Spears again. She is an amazing artist with a great spirit and a big heart. Thank you again for reaching out to me!

Listen to Penelope’s album on Soundcloud: http://tinyurl.com/MagnetP

Follow Penelope on Instagram: @ Sixpmagnet
Follow Penelope on Twitter: @ DorianHardnett

Hope you all enjoyed Britney-Galaxy exclusive!

HUGE thanks to our member RedBloodedWoman for doing this for us!

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