Spotlight on #BritneyArmy member: Bree Ostmann! @britneyspears

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Here at we LOVE featuring the fans on our Mainpage, especially since is ALL about the Britney Army! This week we are featuring Britney Army member, Bree Ostmann, who has answered are BG “fan” questions.

1) What started you to love Britney Spears?

When Britney came out I was about three years old. My mom told me that when the Baby One More Time video came out that I liked dancing to it and said I liked her! From there I’ve been such a big fan and will till the world ends!!!! I look up to Britney in so many different ways.

2) What was your first Britney Spears concert? 

My first Britney concert was going to be the Onxy Hotel Tour, but then poor Britney hurt her knee. So in 2009 I saw The Circus Tour Staring Britney Spears at first I couldn’t make the one show where I live. So I was searching all over to see her anywhere then one day she announced the 2nd leg and I saw her August 25th at MSG!!!!! The other fans I met at the concert that I will never forget we’re right in front of me during the show. The guy made sure that I could see Britney during the show & would move if I couldn’t such a sweetheart and he asked me all these types of questions about Britney. It was a perfect night & amazing show of course!!!!

3) What is your favorite Britney Spears concert? 

 I feel like each tour that Britney has done makes each one better, so I am going to go with the Piece Of Me show because I feel like it’s all of Britney’s tours into one show and all the times I’ve seen it it just gets better!

4) What is your favorite Britney Spears perfume?

My favorite Britney perfume always changes, but I’m honestly so obsessed with intimate fantasy and Private show right now I can’t pick cause I just love both senses so much!

5) What is your favorite Britney Spears song?

This question is one I always get from everyone! My favorite Britney song depends on my mood and what’s going on in my life. I feel like, so this one is always different. Right now I am loving Man On The Moon!! I swear the song is for my love life!

6) What is your favorite unreleased Britney Spears song?

There are so many amazing Un released Britney songs, but my favorite is Everday! She sounds beautiful and the meaning is beautiful too. Sometimes when your having a bad day you need to realize that tomorrow is a new day and you can start over again.

7) What is your favorite photoshoot Britney has done?

My favorite Britney Photoshoot is when she was on Glamour magazine in 2008! I love how natural and beautiful she looks! She also looks very happy and that makes me happy! There is just something about this photoshoot I love!

8) Have you ever met Britney before, if so explain what you said to her!

Yes I have met Britney!!!! I met her April 13th,2016! I went up to her and said hi my name is Bree I’ve loved you my whole life and your song Alien really made me realize a lot about myself. She said aw really?! Then I said I want to tell you a little story when I was younger I use to say oops I did it again around the house and she’s did that cute little laugh and said oh my god aw really?! Then I asked her if I could hug her for are picture they took the picture ans she said something to me after, but I don’t remember what because all I remember is walking out could not believe that I just met Britney freaking Spears till this day I can’t even believe I met her!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke so fast too her!

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9) What do you admire about Britney?

What do I admire about Britney her strength & courage. One thing in life Britney has tought me is no matter how hard of a day you are having & whatever it may be you can get through it. There is so much more, but I always feel like I can’t explain it all!! The Britney army understands!!!

10) What is your favorite Britney TV moment?

Oh my gosh wow Britney has done a lot on tv, but my favorite would have to be XFactor because I got to see Britney on my tv every week and she was so funny with her facial expressions & just her goofy personality!!!

11) What is your favorite Britney Quote? 

My favorite Britney quote is “when I tell them the way I feel it’s like they hear me, but they’re really not listen”

12) Why do you love Britney Spears?

Why do I love Britney well I grew up listen to her music, but beside that I love Britney as a person too she is such a humble, sweet, down to earth women who I am lucky enough to look up too! I love how her music can always put a smile on my face if I am already happy or need to smile! I love how strong of a person Britney is! I love how she is always saying to be yourself no matter what and who cares what people say just be YOU!!!!

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13) What is your favorite song off “Glory”?

My favorite songs on Glory are Man On The Moon, Just Like Me, Lair & Better! I couldn’t just pick one! Make Me is always gonna be up there too!

14) Has Britney ever helped your or inspired you in your life?

Yes Britney has helped me I suffer from really bad anxiety I’m on medication for it and knowing that Britney has anxierty too it makes me feel like I connect with her on a special level. I know all the worrying feelings 24/7 of having anxiety it really sucks to live with it, but Britney goes on stage and performs, so I can deal with it, but it’s just nice knowing she understands what it’s like too have it. After I met Britney I have notice that I have this confidence about myself too!!

15) Anything you would want to tell Britney if she was reading this?

I love you so much Britney! I hope your enjoying Las Vegas & thank you for your new amazing album Glory I rave about it to everyone! Thank you for always being such a great women for me to look up too!

Thank you Bree for being this weeks Britney Army “Spotlight”! We LOVE you!! XOXOXO

Britney-Galaxy will be asking more fan features so be on the lookout 😉