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Dec 7, 2016

An Open Letter To The Grammys @recordingacad

Dear Grammy Awards,

I think the time has come for us to sit down and have a little chat about Britney Spears. Perhaps you are unaware, but the reigning queen of pop came out with her ninth studio album this year and it’s absolutely incredible. “Glory” is a fresh new take on today’s pop music, and it does a fantastic job of showcasing Britney’s unique vocal talent (something that was arguably lacking in some of her more recent projects). “Glory” is some of Britney’s best work to date, and it was a project that she invested over two years passionately working on. The influential power that this album will have on other artists and, thus, on the entire industry will be seen over the years to come. To be fair, we do understand that most (if not all) artists do work equally as hard on their own albums. The difference here is that Britney’s album is fresh, innovative, and it sets forth a cohesive sound that has never-before been heard on a pop album. Pop music is typically predictable, but “Glory” is anything but! It shows that pop music can be mature, genuine, and artistic. No one saw this level of sophistication coming from an artist like Britney Spears, whose biggest radio hits are the epitome of bubblegum pop. It is unfortunate that you, yourselves cannot see and appreciate the creativity and growth that “Glory” exemplifies, especially when so many others have hailed it to be one of the best albums of the year. Perhaps the Grammy Awards are no longer a symbol of quality, innovation, and an artist’s creative growth; it seems clear to us that the same few artists are the only ones who are receiving the nominations year after year. There was a time when the Grammy Awards didn’t just follow the crowd or side with the most popular music of the moment. Are the days in which you took other factors into consideration gone? We sincerely hope not. That is why we would like to challenge you, the Grammys, to grow and to get outside of this comfort zone you’ve seemingly fallen into. Push the boundaries like Britney did with “Glory.” See things from a new perspective, and remember what it is you stand for. We believe in you. We just ask that you believe in Britney too.

Thank you