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Sep 25, 2016

Britney Spears once again proves that she is the QUEEN! #iHeartBritney @britneyspears

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It’s Britney, Bitch!

There have been so many positive emotions about Britney’s opening performance last night at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. To say we have been left absolutely speechless would still be an understatement. Prior to Britney’s appearance, The Army counted down the minutes to which she would perform, but no one knew quite what to expect. When the moment finally arrived on Saturday evening for Britney and her team of dancers to take to the stage, our jaws dropped the second we saw Britney in her costume.

queen 5

Britney stunned the entire world with her flawless stage presence, her outstandingly hot body, and of course her immaculate dancing. She truly allowed her energy, fierceness, and happiness to shine on that iHeart Radio stage last night, and it made us fall in love with her all over again.

Throughout each song, Britney and her dancers delivered hard-hitting choreography that owned the stage and left all of us sitting at home saying “GIMME MORE!” We here at Britney-Galaxy are so proud of not only Britney, but of her amazing dancers as well! Their chemistry and energy with Britney on stage is captivating to watch, and is contagious to the crowd. It’s wonderful that Britney has such a talented and supportive group surrounding her both on stage and off.

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When the performance ended the Britney Army and the entire world praised Britney’s performance:

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 12.55.53 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 12.56.16 PM

Last night was a very proud moment for all of us who love Britney. Being able to watch someone who you have looked up to for so many years just shine so brightly is one of the best feelings in the world. We are filled with so many wonderful emotions today because last night, Britney did just that. You put on one heck of an incredible performance, Britney, and we are all so very, very proud of you. Congratulations to Britney and all of her dancers for their amazing work. You have truly left the world completely blown away.

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