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Jul 21, 2018

Britney Army fans are quite upset that Felicia is not on the #PieceOfMe tour…

When Britney’s #PieceOfMe tour was hitting the road the fans were excited to see Britney but also they were also excited to see the SECOND most important part of Britney’s Team Felicia. When the tour kicked off fans were quiet upset when they found out Felicia was not on the Piece Of Me tour. See the tweets below:



Fans have also expressed the backstage tour was not even close to Britney’s #PieceOfMe residency in Las Vegas  and the backstage tour guide was not at all like Felicia. Felicia always told great stories, memories, backstage moments, and history of each of the props. This new Backstage tour is nothing like that at all and does not even have that “Felicia, one of a kind” experience. Fans that also had the backstage tour said it did not feel at all  “Welcoming” and the tour guide seemed like she was unsuccessfully trying to be Felicia. Honestly, there is only ONE Felicia and that is Felicia Culotta. We are hoping that if Britney does have a Vegas deal next year that Felicia does get to be apart of Britney’s Backstage tour guide. Felicia has always been the bridge between the Britney Army Fans and Britney when it came to giving stuff to our queen Britney and KNOWING we would get something back from Britney because we TRUSTED Felicia would always give it to Britney. Felicia always calmed the fans down when they were nervous during meeting their idol and made the fans feel welcomed when they were going to see Britney’s show. We really hope Felicia will be part of Britney’s next chapter because Felicia really is the heart of Britney’s story and most of all The Britney Army. Let’s all think positive Britney Army and HOPE Felicia is back into Britney’s new chapter. THE BRITNEY ARMY LOVES OUR FE!!!!!!