Throwback Thursday: Britney, Lynne and Jaime Lynn Spears – Oprah interview

Over 14 years ago (only just, as the interview aired 4th February 2002), Britney, Jaime Lynne and Lynne Spears were interviewed by the Queen of chat shows, ‘Oprah’ and the result was one of the most personal interviews of all time.

Just days before the release of her début movie ‘Crossroads’, Britney chats Justin, shopping, her on stage persona and much much more. However the most endearing part of this interview, which is also what makes it so special, is hearing Lynne’s perspective on her superstar daughter and seeing a super cute Jaime Lynne praise her older sister and belt out some of her most famous tracks.

If this is the first time you are seeing this interview, brace yourself, your heart will literally melt.