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Jan 23, 2016

Spotlight on #BritneyArmy member Violet! @britneyspears

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All eyes on the Britney Army!

It’s that time of the month where Britney-Galaxy.com picks three lucky Britney Army fans to be featured on our Mainpage. This months lucky fan is Violet from New York! Let’s check out why Violet LOVES Britney and also some interesting facts about Violet:

1) When did you become a Britney Spears fan?

I became a Fan of brit brit last January.(2015 lol). Late I know, but better late than never!

2) What is your favorite song?

my favorite song has to be slave 4 u! It’s such a bop- but I also love kiss you all over, now that I found you, baby boy, I will be there, rock me in, anticipating(the Britney album is my fav !

3) Why are you a Britney Spears fan?

at first, I didn’t know why I became a fan, crazy I know! I was always listening to classic rock and all of a sudden I heard toxic- and I was part of the army! I can’t say exactly why I became a fan, but I’ve found out that she’s an amazing down to earth person, a good role model(I know she doesn’t like being called that, but still) and my inspiration, and I wouldn’t want my life any other way! She’s also an amazing dancer and singer, and she has a song for everything!

4) Has Britney Spears ever helped you with a struggle or anything in life?

 I mean, we all have our ups and downs, (up n down lol XD) which I won’t go into, but I can say she has, whenever I’m feeling sad I can always listen to her music and it makes me feel better:) and of course, her strength in tough times too. Even though one part of life can be cruel- there’s that beautiful side too, like she said in For The Record.

5) Has Britney spears taught you anything that helps you in life?

to go through the life like a karate kid, believe in yourself, dance and sing like no one is watching , and most importantly- be yourself. Being yourself  Was something I felt strongly about even before I became a fan, and I think that’s one of the reasons why I love her so much, we can both agree that being the same as everyone else isn’t much fun!

6) What is your favorite Britney Tour?

Dream Within A Dream tour!!!! Lonely, slave, anticipating, everything about the show is AMAZING!!!!! I was in awe the first time I watched it, it gave me inspiration that someday I’ll be just as good as a performer:)

7) What is your favorite Britney photo shoot?

this is a hard one! I would have to say Mark Lidell 2002(theres two teen people mags that used this shoot as a cover photo) and this other one, I’m not sure what it’s called but I attached a picture!!!

8) Have you ever met Britney?

No:( I hope to someday, it’s been my dream ever since I became a fan, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. Hopefully in the future 🙂

9) If you met Britney what was it like?

 I would imagine it would be the best day of my life ofc, but I can’t really answer this one lol

10) Which tours have you been too?

none, I’m a flop I know XD I probably could have gone to circus or Femme fatale, but unfortunately I hadn’t discovered her yet!

11) Name one thing that pops into your head when you hear Britney Spears name

the 2001 vmas, my fav performance of her EVER!

 12) What makes you a Britney army fan?

I’ve met so many people who love Britney just as much as me, and it’s great to know that we have such an amazing fanbase!!!

13) Have you ever done or started anything for Britney in her honor?

I have started a Britney club where I am, but I only have 3 people! It’s not big at all but I hope it expands in the future 🙂 I was also Britney for Halloween last year, and I’ve gotten some DJs to play her at parties and such!

14) Have you been to her vegas show?

no , but I really wish I could go! One day I hope, but it’s pretty far and expensive and I’m afraid I can’t make it work:( but I’m praying that someday I’ll be able to. Being a “younger fan”, it’s hard to earn money, and convince people that her Vegas show isn’t for adults only. I can’t even imagine standing in the audience with her ACTUALLY IN FRONT OF ME! I would die haha:) though it’s tough to make it work now, I’ll keep hoping just in case:)

15) If Britney spears was reading this right now what would you want her to know?

and if Britney was reading this, I would want her to know this:

And aside from the video, I just want to say that Britney means the world to me, she is my inspiration and a big sister that I never had. (I’m an only child lol) also even though I’m not able to go to Vegas, I really do want to and I’m trying as hard as I can to go!
I’m honored that you chose me as member of the month! Thank you:)
On my YouTube channel I also have collection Tours of my Britney stuff, fan made music videos, and all sorts of Britney related thing

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Thanks for sharing with us Violet and continue being a FLAWLESS Britney Army fan!