Meet the fan that gave Britney a “PokeMom” shirt! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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Remember that time Britney wore a “PokeMom” shirt to her meet and greet one night, well it turns out a flawless Britney Army fan gave it to Britney as a gift. Sean Junior met Britney a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share his exclusive story on! Check out his story below:

My tickets were purchased, my flight was booked, and my lodging arrangements were finalized and August 3rd I received an email that no fan wants to receive “Your live event has been canceled Britney Spears – Piece of Me”, little did I know this email would be a blessing in disguise.

My 30th birthday needed to be special, and what better way to bring it in, than with Britney herself. It turned out, Britney decided to drop her album on the day I was originally going to meet her (August 26th) and would be in NYC for the VMAs that Sunday. I adjusted my travel arrangements, purchased new tickets and before I knew it I was ready for my Glorious August 31st extravaganza.

I’ve met Britney once, and this time around I just wanted to make her laugh, smile and give back an ounce of the joy that she’s brought to my life; aka treat her like I would a close friend or family member. So, I had a shirt custom made that said “Smile Like Britney’s Watching” on the front, and on the back it said “Mr. Photographer I think I’m Ready for My Close-up” with a goofy dog smiling. I’m also a Pokémon GO addict (#Level27 #TeamYellow) and once I learned her boys played I had to get her (and my mom) a shirt that said “Poke Mom” , he tells I also got her a Butterfly Mother Sunchaser just because I thought it looked cool.

Our backstage tour ended up getting canceled, but instead all of us were invited to the filming of the Today Show. The biggest difference between the Today Show filming and the POM concert itself was she came on stage while the lights were still on, greeted the audience, and did a lot of waving and smiling. I proceeded to chant “do you want to come over?” before the performance and she looked over and laughed. She also watched back her performances after it was all over.

Fast forward to the meet and greet, Fe gave us the rules and I handed Fe the gifts. Since we didn’t do the backstage tour, they weren’t able to get through security prior to meeting Britney (Fe let me know this after the concert). When I walked up to Britney, I shook her hand, introduced myself, let her know I got her a “Poke Mom” shirt, explained why and she began to giggle. I then proceeded to show her the “smile like Britney’s watching” shirt I had made, she kind of chuckled at the front, but when she saw the back she lost it. She essentially was like “OMG!” and started talking about the dog on the back of my shirt. Throughout the process I just explained to her the meaning behind why I did what I did and she seemed genuinely happy and did a lot of “aw” but honestly we were just laughing a lot which is really all I wanted. When it came time to take the picture I just said “let’s just be total dorks and cheesy” and I think our final picture showed that. I was on cloud nine, and before I left I said something dramatic like “you’ve changed my life” and thanked her. I was so thrilled throughout the rest of the night, she had so much energy during the show, was feeding off the audience, and seemed to be enjoying herself. Fe and I talked a bit after the show, I explained the shirt I got her and of course Fe said her and the boys would love it (and if you haven’t met Fe you must she’s a divine spirit and a super sweet person) and I thanked Fe for everything. Honestly, this would have been more than enough but my experience didn’t end in Vegas.

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A few days later my birthday celebrations continued in Ocean City, Maryland, and after getting home from a night out with friends and family I saw a picture of Britney Spears wearing my “Poke Mom” shirt at the next round of meet and greets. I lost myself (yes there are videos). I knew Britney has worn fans gifts in the past, but you never think she’ll wear your gift. Well, she did – and it was such a surreal moment and it still is. She also wore it when she answered a few questions on Twitter, he tells with a smile.  It can’t sum up the level of appreciation and respect I have for Britney, but ultimately I’m glad I was able to bring a few moments of joy to a beautiful human being that has brought many moments of joy to my life.

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We are SO happy for you Sean and thank you for sharing your story with us!