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Posted on
Apr 25, 2015


A new IGGY article has surfaced online today and what type of article would it be if there was no BIGGY – Pretty Girls chat!? No article at all right?

Seems like Britney (and her boys) is a MASSIVE fan of the new Bonds100 model’s  ‘Fancy’ video and wanted to have a similar fun concept for the Pretty Girls music video.

“She told me that Fancy was one of her favourite videos of the last five years and that her kids loved it and the thing that she was drawn to was the fact everyone looked like they were having so much fun in it,” she says.

“She told me she wants to feel that too so she asked me for my ideas and that gave me the opportunity to grab the reins of creative control.”

All this chat is getting us super excited, only 20 days and we get to see the video in all its glory! Even better only 8 days till we get to hear the track!!

Get ready BARMY! VEVO better get back up!

Read the full article HERE