How Britney Spears created a billion dollar empire! @britneyspears


We all can agree that Britney Spears will always be a trendsetter of everything and thats why she has successfully created a billion dollar empire:

SHE’S a global superstar with over 40 hit singles but Britney Spears is also a savvy businesswoman, with a fragrance franchise worth $1 billion.

Her first fragrance, Curious, was released in 2004, followed by Fantasy in 2005, which has spawned 13 diffusion scents. Maui Fantasy is the latest, bringing Spears’ perfume tally to 19.

For the pop star and mother of two, building a fragrance empire was a way to reveal the real Britney.

“I love perfume because it is such a cool and unique way to express my mood,” the 34-year-old singer tells Insider.

“Each scent represents a different side of me, that’s why I keep creating fragrances, it is another way to express myself outside of music.”

Her taste in scent has tracked her evolution from Disney child actress to teenage popstar to mature artist to mum, she says.

“When I first started creating fragrances we used sweet notes like pear and kiwi that you can find in Curious or Fantasy. Now my fragrances are softer and more sophisticated. Each fragrance represents a different part of my journey,” she says.

Spears performing in her hugely successful Las Vegas show.

While the notion of a signature scent sounds good in theory, Spears can’t stop at just one. But she does admit to being especially drawn to jasmine’s heady, white floral aroma.

“Jasmine can be found in a lot of my fragrances, I love the way it blends with all of the other notes,” she says.

“It’s really difficult to pick a go-to scent, I have so many perfumes to choose from.

“I like sweeter fragrances during the day and maybe a musky scent at night. It really depends on my mood.”

Smell is powerful and a whiff of a certain scent can transport you to a moment in time. Even more so when you’re the one who dreamt it up.

“I think the best part of having my own fragrance collection is that they all have a special meaning to me,” Spears says,

“Whenever I smell a specific fragrance, it brings back memories from the time when I created it, I love that.’’

The singer with her growing boys. Picture: Instagram
Her latest scent was inspired by beach holidays with her sons Sean Preston, 10, and Jayden James, 9.

“Maui Fantasy maintains the sweet quality of the original Fantasy fragrance, but this time we included more tropical notes, juicy fruits and lush flowers. It smells like paradise in a bottle,” she says.

Seeing as Spears’ award-winning Las Vegas residency, “Britney: Piece of Me” at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino has just been renewed for another two years, the next holiday will be a while off. Not that she’s complaining.

“It’s been great doing my show in one place, I get to have the kids out with me a lot of the time, which has been amazing and so much fun. Vegas is my second home and I’m so happy to spend two more years here,” she says.

Britney Spears with her two sons enjoying a beach break. Picture: Instagram
The Toxic and Oops! … I Did It Again singer also has her ninth studio album coming up.

“I just know that the direction I’m going in is so good,” she told V magazine last week.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

“I’m proud of the work, and it’s very different; it’s not what you would think at all.”

“I just debuted my reimagined show. I changed up the intro, created some new costumes for each act and added some fan favourite songs, among many other things. I think the fans will love the updated show as much as I do.”

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