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Dec 19, 2016

Rolling Stones names “Glory” one of the best pop albums of 2016! @britneyspears

Incredible news!

Rolling stones has named Britney’s ninth studio album, “Glory” , as one of the best pop albums of 2016! “Glory” came in at No.5 of this years Best Pop Albums of 2016.

After 2013’s more personal, though often tepid, Britney Jean, Britney Spears’ Glory felt like a breath of fresh electro-pop air. A star-studded array of pop’s strongest producers and writers – including Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Cashmere Cat, BloodPop and more – helped elevate the LP to the levels of dance perfection seen on 2007’s Blackout. Single “Make Me” allows Spears to thrive at her coo-iest, and she shines as a Eurotrash sex robot on the electric “Do You Wanna Come Over?” Even the softer moments like the sweeping “Just Luv Me” and the whisper-y “Better” have Spears at her liveliest in years. B.S.

Congratulations Britney! We are OBSESSED over your new album and this recognition is well deserves! We are very proud of you!! All your hard work this year has really shined so bright.