Richard Estrada meet and greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

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Check out Richard Estrada meet and greet story:

So it all started off with the back stage tour! I was so anxious I went to Planet Hollywood three hours earlier than the Meet and Greet started just in case we hit traffic! Im always embarrassed to go places alone and I was that night but once I met the others that were alone I felt fine! I got so nervous when I saw Jamie Spears and it set it in that I was going to be meeting Godney again! The backstage tour is always a blast! Like last time I made sure I was by Fe the whole time and talked to her! I saw that on instagram Britney posted a video from church and I asked Fe if she was in town! She said she just got to PH and that she only comes a few hours before the show and leaves right after, except for Fridays, which she stays the night then waits all saturday until the show then leaves after! We went through all the same facts and ect as last time! However, the wardrobe room HAD NO AC!! I was sweating my hairspray out! When It was time to meet britney I was first in line but I thought that I couldnt do it and I told Fe i was too nervous so I let 4 other people go in front of me! When I saw her silhouette I asked Fe, is her hair like the pretty girls hair and she went “YES! I love your questions because you’re just so knowledgeable and factual!” We had talked earlier about her hair and Fe said they were talking about Britney getting extensions but she didn’t know if she was going to get them by tonight. With my last meet and greet they had only a dark purple light on us and I couldn’t even see her and I was just so starstuck and crying so our picture turned out awkward! However, when it was my turn this time I went up and acted like we were BFF’s casually talking I went “Hi Britney, Im Richard!” and we shook hands and she said “Hi its nice to meet you!” and she put her arm around me like she wanted to take the picture. well… SHE PUT HER ARM AROUND ME! The security said don’t touch her and don’t ask for a hug but SHE TOUCHED ME WITHOUT ME ASKING! So I got really nervous and thought my time was up and started walking away! but I was like no, dont be like last time where we didnt talk! so I turned around and was like “im so excited to see the show again! this is my 7th time seeing piece of me!” and she did her little cute Britney Clap and went “Oh yay!!!! I hope you love it AGAIN!” with a little cute laugh! And I said I would then we said our good bye’s! some people said she didn’t talk to them and just took the picture but honestly, she knows nothing about you and you know everything about her! Its up to you to introduce yourself, put your hand out for a hand shake, and make conversation! Don’t be starstruck because this is a once in a lifetime experience for many people and most people only have one chance! the show was the best I had been to because she is totally on top of her game right now! I sat by some other people that met her and they all said they can die happy now!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Richard!