Request #MakeMe @britneyspears @G_Eazy On Radio Now!

Make Me


As part of our Make Me weekend, we will request Britney’s latest single on several radio stations!

Click here to access the Radio Requesting Campaign post for quick requesting links!

Here are some key radio stations you should request on (Mediabase and Twitter links + Texting):

Text Numbers:

Hot 995 Washington D.C.: 99338

KIIS FM Los Angeles: 41027 (Text: “I request Make Me by Britney and G-Eazy on JoJo’s Top 9 at 9”) (Urgent)

Z100 New York: 55100 (Very Important!)

KRBE Houston: 37530

#1: Z100 New York (WHTZ):

zip code: 10003

#2: 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles, CA:

zip code: 90001

#3: KRBE Houston, Texas

zip code: 77001

#4: WIHT FM Hot 995 Washington, DC:

zip code: 20001

#5: Y100 Miami, Florida

Zip code: 33101

#6: Q102 Philadelphia, PA

Zip code: 19019

#7: WKSC FM Chicago, IL

Zip Code: 60290

#8: KKRZ FM Portland, Oregon:

Zip Code: 97201

#9: WBBM FM Chicago, IL:

Zip Code: 60290

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