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Dec 7, 2015



We all know that this was an extremely important week in history, in fact – there are very few important weeks in history that top this iconic moment… We are of course talking about the birth of the one and only, truly iconic, musically inspiring, snake wearing, heavy breathing, Madonna kissing, weave snatching, top selling, number 1 queen of pop, Britney Spears! This week brings us life changing Birthday celebrations – so time to sit back and reminisce… Bitch!

Let’s kick this off – by wishing a very Happy Birthday to one of the best songs in history, Born To Make You Happy. Only an icon can take a ballad – and include fierce dance moves like this in a music video… when will your fave?

Double Whammy alert! Happy Birthday to both the Circus single and album!

What kind of celebration would it be, if we did not include a birthday wish to personalney? Happy Birthday Brinny Jean!

For the record changed the world’s perspective on Britney’s hardships. A true way to inspire the Barmy! Live life like a Karate kid!

..and a very Happy Birthday to ‘I am Britney Jean’ – our very own insight to Britney’s industry changing Vegas residency:

None of this would be possible without the birth of Britney Jean Spears, now would it? So that is why, when it comes to Brit’s birthday, it would be silly not to go all out and hold a legendary Britney Galaxy party! So one of our team, MR KING ANT himself, held a massive Brit party with loads of give away gifts supplied by none other than the home of Britney – RCA. Check out the pics:

Awesome!! Madonna even took the time out of her own tour to ensure the birth of her sister from another mister was celebrated:


… and Smiley Miley sent B some epic balloons!

What would a birthday be without the ones closest to you? Here are some pics shared by the family:

What an epic week! Happy Birthday Britney – we hope you had the time of your life!


Our ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game is back – and this week is a SUPER exciting one! B9 y’all – B9! It looks like it is shaping up very quickly.. check this out…

December 5 – Britney leaving the recording studio…

December 3 – Britney leaving the recording studio… AGAIN!

December 1 – and you guessed it – another recording studio visit.

But this one has got us a tad bit excited.. Britney helped us out with another ‘Spot The Brit’ pic on BRITSTAGRAM.. Although she titled it waking up next to Mars.. she does look very dolled up..(insert ‘I woke up like ‘dis’ references here) Could this be filming for a music video? We do not want to read to much into it.. who are we foolin’ – of course we are! It is almost a Barmy tradition to over examine a Britney post… Could Brit be doing slaying us all again?

Earth to Mars lander…. It couldn’t be? That is all for this week y’all – see you next week!