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Jun 8, 2015


Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

Wanna know more? Click on the links to see our main page posts and see what our Aliens on Universe have to say about it… We know, we know… We were born to make you happy… By the way – edition 13, would have been way cooler if it was the Halloween edition.. oh well..


So it turns out Fantasy is not only a Brit perfume – but also one of the possible Mariah Carey tracks Brit blasts, whilst painting…. TOPLESS! Say what?? Holy shrimp!! Mariah was just as excited about this statement as we were!

This is not the only thing our main Sheila Brizzie Spears revealed in not only one, but 3(!!) Australian interviews! This is about the biggest news to come out of Australia, since the baby eating dingo fiasco! Brit also revealed that the fan fave (should have been a single) Breath On Me is her fave ever track, which may we add – should be added to the POM set list…..

B also gushed about the Aussie accent..

The interviews were hilarious, if we did not know any better – you would place money on these interviews being part of the In The Zone era… we are entirely swooning! If you have not yet heard these epic chats – click on the links below NOW!! You are seriously missing out!




What a week for down under fans! As for those iconic outfits – although some of them are displayed in Planet Hollywood at the moment – we would love a full exhibit… and while you at it – chuck in some of THESE gems… They should be on display for all of eternity!

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Shopney was out in full force this week! First the star was out with her stripes y’all:

Then some heart to heart time with Mamma Spears:

The all important work out pics:

And last but not least – Momney Spears was out shopping for what seems to be new household additions! By the way – just thought we would highlight – that unlike other divas, B does not have minions carrying her stuff to the car for her… you cannot get more real or relate-able than that!

Looking insanely PRETTAY – as per usual Queen B!

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Well, that is unless your name is Geri and you leave the Spice Girls… We are still not over that! We suppose, even then, the reunion shows friendship lasts no matter what.. Ummm… Back to the point… BFF’s Cade and Brit spent some QT this week and cute does not even begin to describe this flawless pic!


AWW – we are super jealous we were not there to join. With the smiles on those faces, it’s apparent that they had a great time. We are super chuffed to see this awesome twosome spending some time together!

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The votes are in and the results are final! With over 2500 votes this year and a whopping 101 nominees – we are super happy to announce the King and Queen of the extraordinarily hot Britney Army for 2015!



HUBBA HUBBA! If you have not yet seen the official Top 30 of 2015 – you are totally missing out on some eye candy!! Click on the links below and check it out now!

Here is the woman that inspires them all – with a previously unreleased Candies pic – the Crème De La Crème of hotness – Britney Spears:

The temperature in HQ has just risen to an all time high….

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What a buzzing week for Pretty Girls – and there are no signs of slowing down just yet! First things first, the Pretty Girls music video is officially half certified..  yes – we are making that a new thing! Congrats Barmy – over 50 million views – you ROCK!

Keep it up and we will have another certified video in no time! Pretty Girls has also been named the song of the week – by the American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest!!

AND – the most requested song on Saturday Night Online – for the 4th week in a row!!

Dear Army – you SLAY! UK stans – now it is your turn! The wait is almost over – only one week to go!

Let’s make sure to get Pretty Girls to number 1!! Make sure to get tons of physical singles too, which by the way, are TOTALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Brit also took some time to acknowledge other Pretty Girls this week!

The message is super powerful – ‘Beauty is subjective, it’s definition changes all the time’. A great way to remind you all – that ‘Pretty Girls’ is for every woman! Everyone is someones’ definition of Pretty! Can B get any more flaw free??

Pretty Girls is slaying so hard right now – even Lego blocks are stanning… Check out this hilarious video re-enactment by those little pesky buggars, that hurt like a Bitch when you stand on ‘em…

Even Harry Potter and Dumbledore were rocking out to the track towards the end of the video – which officially confirms the song has reached Hogwarts! Great news – ’cause we just sent Hermione some fan mail from HQ – so we really hope she posts a selfie with this epic fan made shirt we included!

And to think some people were trying to convince us that Hogwarts is pure fantasy.. the joke is clearly on them..

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FAREJAR, FAREJAR! (Which we are lead to believe means sniff, sniff in Brazil – but is probably some form of dirty word… ) A new Fantasy Spritz has been released exclusive to Brazil… No, not the Intimate Fantasy, that is soooo last week…

Exclusivo Renner Spritz is the new addition to the ever growing – but unmistakably iconic and world know Fantasy collection:

The fantasy line is set on taking over the world – one range at a time!

Slay us B! With this in mind though – we seriously need that men’s cologne Brit!! Guaranteed to be a top seller!

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You know the famous expression, ‘For a relationship to groove, a mother must approve’? Well neither do we, but it is one cool expression, if we must say so ourselves. We know you pick up what we putting down there! Imagine our joy when we read this epic Susan Saint James (Charlie Ebersol’s mom) interview, showing signs of a great bond:

And I saw Charlie on TV last night. Did you see it?

Yes! My son is dating Britney Spears and they are crazy for each other. They just absolutely love each other. I tell people this is the same thing is happening for her that happened for me. She has a residency in Vegas so she knows where she is going to be all the time, she is making a lot of money doing that so she’s not under pressure to get out there. I think the work is really, really hard. The 90-minute show is a killer, but I think it gives her a sense of rhythm. She sees her kids on a regular basis, and it’s all very ordinary. Charlie is crazy about her so that’s nice.

That’s wonderful. That must be a lot of work to prepare for that show.

She was over visiting Charlie one afternoon and she ran like 80 minutes on the treadmill. With a 90 minute show I don’t care who you are you can’t like slack off.

Wow that is dedication!

It’s fun to root for her. I’m all about her and she has a new song and all of us are so excited for her. But mostly we’re really happy for Charlie, because Charlie works really hard and he doesn’t take a lot of time off, and he’s found time for this thing to grow. I am wishing him all the best.

A match made in heaven! So great to see Britney and Susan are getting on so well! We cannot be more chuffed! Charlie is officially the ONE! On a side note though…. 80 minutes?? We can hardly do 10…. In actual fact, 10 minutes is pretty much our office record… sigh…

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YES, this actually happened! Check out this FANGURL worthy snippet of Ellie Golding and Lorde singing the iconic, ‘…Baby One More Time.’

This should be the description you get when you google, how one stans for Britney Spears… Epic in every sense! We love you guys… like a lot…

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FINALLY! Gimme More has officially been VEVO certified!! YAAASS!! Although it feels like a lifetime of trying, we cannot be more excited that this iconic video has joined the hall of fame! CONGRATS B ARMY!

Does this mean that we will get more footage of the original concept? One can only dream, right?

No time to rest yet Barmy, we cannot stop until EVERY SINGLE Britney video has been certified! So here are some to focus on this week:



AND we just have to include ME AGAINST THE MUSIC – because a video so iconic seriously deserves more views than it currently has! ONLY 9 MIL…. Like seriously?!

Just in case MATM is not available in your country – we have a solution for you – add HOLA to your toolbar and change your region – and voila – watch the video as much as you like! You are welcome!

What an epic week! We will leave you with this super cool B Facey Twit post (well how else do you suppose we combine the 2?)… We are definitely the thinkers… or at least we think we are… actually we just cannot be bothered to think about it…

‘Till Next week y’all!!

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