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Thirsty for some more Pretty Girls news? Well, BARMY president IGGY-IGGS is dropping hints faster than Lindsay Lohan is droppin… umm.. scripts.. In a recent interview with USAToday, Iggy gave us the information we were looking for… no, not a HQ snippet, just some music video info obviously..

First she started off with info about the dancing:

I didn’t dance! She wanted me to. Since I was co-directing the video, the way I explained it was, it would be kind of obnoxious of me to direct a video and give myself a dance break as well. Like, “Here’s the video! And I gave myself a dance scene!” I don’t know if it necessarily fits my identity, but I think Britney’s identity is really embedded in being a dancer, and that’s something she really wanted to do as well. So there’s a lot of dancing in the video, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily centered around that.

Interesting… But what was the video like? Was it based on the 80’s as we assumed from the pictures?

It’s a little bit more complicated than that. You know me, I like having a narrative. So if it was just like, “‘80s!” that would be kind of boring for me. But what Britney made clear to me, is that she really wanted to do a video where she got to dress up and play a character. That was really important to her and she liked a lot of the things I’ve done that were inspired by movies and stuff.

I think she’s just like the ultimate ’80s pin-up hot, cool type of girl, so I told Britney to check her out, and she was like, “Yes, I love Geena Davis!” So we based our characters on a lot of stuff like that, like Geena Davis and characters she played in a lot of her movies at that time period. But there’s definitely a narrative. I don’t want to give it away, but it’s quirky and funny.

WHOAAAHA!! Geena Davis movies? This sent our HQ’s into over drive and we turned all Inspector Gadget… Judging by the pics we have seen, it must be mainly based on Earth Girls Are Easy right? So we jumped straight online and revealed our thoughts and it seems the BARMY agreed. In fact other websites, started posting our discovery too.. Here is why it all just made sense:

First it was the cars:

Then the carwash:

Remember the snapchats B posted? Look familiar?

That kind of links in with the Alien snap from Iggy on Iggstagram right? Remember the money scene?

Then there is a makeover scene… Is this why Britney went from Long hair to Short hair?

Then the Twitter world started posting these comparisons:

The BARMY are way too smart when it comes to hints… or should we say THIRSTY to know more info  – right now…

But then again – Iggy did say that it would be movies from that era… YUP you got it – she used a plural.. So what else could there be? Here is what we are hoping will happen:


Would that not be super awesome?? What about Transylvania 6-5000?

We would totally be down for that! We are also hoping for a little bit of Thelma and Louise – we know it is from the 90’s – but would that not be ICONIC?!?

PRETTY GIRLS cannot come soon enough. VEVO get ready – a viewing storm is on the way!!

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Ok, that was a little dramatic – but seriously – we have been waiting for a TV performance for so long now – we have even lost track of how long it has been!

But the reveal has not been an easy one! We think that someone at Billboard let the news slip a little too soon. First this article popped up:

And then the article was randomly removed…. This is real footage of the BARMY after math…

But luckily main girl B tweeted this and saved the day before someone got hurt..

TOTALLY FREAK RIGHT OUT!! We just cannot deal! This is just about the best news we here at HQ have received since the announcement of Pretty Girls itself. Billboard Awards we are ready to be slayed! The Galaxy team have booked their seats – see you in the front row!


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MOMNEY ALERT!! B took the future Tony Hawks’ to a skate park this week – and the pics could not have been any cooler.

Don’t you wish you mom was as cool as momney? Dontcha?

Talking about Momney, Brit posted THIS amazing video on Facebook this week. AWWW – our hearts melt.

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No a dingo did not eat his clothes! This is just the latest advertising campaign from the Intimate Britney Australia line…

That’s right – the intimate collection is made for EVERY woman! Matt Lei – the Head Kangaroo of HM – released this new advertising campaign last week and the BARMY love the idea. Does this mean the launch will have male and female models for the collection? We will have to wait and see… What we do know is that the different approach to advertising is gaining a lot of media attention and really quick..

But Matt Lei has been dropping hints and we are trying to pick up what he is putting down.. could Britney be at the official launch in Melbourne?

We do not get winks only cause we look so good you know…. Could this be a hint that B will be attending the launch… We sure as hell hope so..

We are super excited – REMEMBER MATT – Vanilla Candles, Cheetos, Fanta (NO COKE) and Toxic outfits for the air hostesses!


Want to model for B? Well you are in luck – check this out:

Whilst we are on the topic of the Intimate Britney Spears Collection… have you ever wondered how it all came about and the behind the scenes process? Check this video out:

Super cool right.. The collection shows no signs of slowing down – yet another B success – snatching weaves since ‘98!

Judging your faves TBH

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Recently Nintendo put out a call to find characters for their upcoming edition of Super Smash Bro’s for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. And who better than Britney to join the crew? We could finally be getting our TBC story from the Break The Ice video.. even though we have to make it happen ourselves… We just will not take no for an answer, will we?

One of our flawless members Pokemon Spears submitted the idea and it is gaining momentum fast – so now we need your help… Time to Work Bitch!

Bradley Stern from MuuMuse was flawless enough to help the Nintendo team with some Britney Powers and they are TOTES HILLARE, click HERE to see it and make sure to register your vote:

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Another day another win for the BARMY. You did it! Britney has officially reached 1 MILLION followers on Vine this week!

You are all unstoppable! From this day forward we are officially renaming Vine to B-ine – alongside her other official social media titles – BRIT-STAGRAM, SPEARSBOOK and B-RITTER. Queen of social media TBH..

BUT WAIT! There is more!! Britney also reached 1 MILLION followers on Spotify!

Bow down bitches!

Just in case we need to clarify, grape vines cannot actually talk.. that would be super strange and we would be a little scared… HA, look at us make a funny!

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This week saw the release of the Rocker Femme Fantasy commercial! However unfortunately it is a Spain only release… Have a look at the ad below:

HOTNEY ALERT! Brit-Brit is looking super fit!

The Billion Dollar empire shows no signs of slowing down! No other celebrity fragrance will ever.

B – if we cannot get a gents version – can we at least get a Fantasy Home Freshener?

Multi-million pound idea right there… Just sayin’!

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WINNER WINNER – CHICKEN DINNER! Britney has finally got her award for the Best Show and Best Bachelorette Party in Vegas! Whatever B touches turns to gold! We are super happy for you B!

Congratulations Brit! Good work BARMY! If you have not yet had the chance to go and see #POM live, well then we have to ask, what you, what you, waitin’ for? It is the hottest show in the world right now!

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Remember the flawless Grammy 2000 performance? I mean how could you not? Remember little B watching TV in the opening skit? Well she is not so little, no more. Ashley Edner is all grown up now and this week she posted a throwback pic of her and B at the Grammy’s.

Has she seen Britney since the Grammy’s and the flawless Dream Within A Dream tour? How the hell are we supposed to know that? We are not mind readers you know..? There is only so much you can get from a tweet… However it does seem that Little B has her sights set on catching up with Big B in Vegas again soon.

AHH! We are feeling super nostalgic now. Whilst we are on this topic of girls and women, have you managed to catch the acoustic version of ‘I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’ yet?

So many acoustic versions coming out recently – and we love them! Actually we love them so much, we would not be opposed to a full acoustic album if Brit decided to release one.


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No, we are not talking about extra body parts, that would just be ridiculous. By Spares – we mean bowling pin spares… Silly! Charlie posted this clip from Modern Family last week:

Next time we go bowling – you know what our team is going to be called…. Why did we not think of this sooner? And BTW – we always knew that Charlie had a good eye (well, he is dating Britney), but this was super well spotted! Good work Mr Ebersol!

Do you think this meet and greet had anything to do with the decision to name their Bowling team Britney Spares?

Here is hoping a guest spot on the show is on the way!

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No – not St Georges Day – although strangely that was this week too – we are talking about Britney Spears day! Well only in Louisianna that is!


Just to show you how ICONIC Brit is – she has 3 days! November 4th – Vegas and International, March 29 – San Francisco Britney Day and April 24th in Louisanna! I mean which of your faves even have a day named after them? Just what I thought…. Brit needs a PA just to remind her of her name days – she has so many..

Hope you all went to your local Starbucks and held a party! We sure as hell did – our HQ’s currently smells of Vanilla, Cheetos, Fanta and Starbucks… even more disturbing… we LOVE IT!


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Happy 4th Birthday to the ‘sickest’ remix the world has ever seen. This jam had all ‘dem other chickens fried and we ain’t talkin’ poultry here. The power house trio (Minaj, Kesha and Queen B) slayed our whole entire freakin’ lives with this Billboard top 5 jam!

Sniff, sniff, cries… We will never get over the fact that they never made a video for this. Your faves could never make something this iconic. I mean when was the last time they did something this hot, Ricki Lake?

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Charlie XCX is one true fan! Let’s be real here – only a hardcore fan would know about this flawless moment:

This is what the Boom Clap singer had to say about her fave Brit tracks this week and also that the hot new Iggy and Britney colab:

On her top three most iconic Britney Spears songs: “Great question! I love “Email My Heart” (because it’s) such a great concept for a song. And I love her reply when people asked what the song meant, she said something like (Britney impression) “cause like everyone has an email” and I thought: this girl is a genius. I think it’s a great song (especially) back when Britney had this soul voice. (Number 2 has to be) “Piece Of Me” because the production is so next level and the whole Melodyne (a pitch-correction software) concept of her vocals is very clever (and) the lyrics are amazing. (I think) “Work Bitch” was an underrated record, the video is incredible, you know when she’s on the podium with the shark?”

“I know that Iggy (Azalea) is working with Britney and I’m so jealous. Who knows? I would love to write songs with her!”

Flawless stanning and great song choices Charls! Talking about Iggy, the Bonds100 model also had a few things to say about Brit this week:

“She (Britney) told me that Fancy was one of her favourite videos of the last five years and that her kids loved it and the thing that she was drawn to was the fact everyone looked like they were having so much fun in it,” she says.

“She told me she wants to feel that too so she asked me for my ideas and that gave me the opportunity to grab the reins of creative control.”

What are the chances that both of the Fancy girls were chatting about Britney this week? Well, quite large actually, this is after all THE Queen B, what else would they have to talk about?

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IT HAS LEAKED! The Giorgio track, due for release in June, leaked in it’s full glory this week.

First it was the snippets:

Then the full track leaked online moments later.

SPEAR US DOWN AND CALL US TOM! This track is so hot, it has us sweating like a fine cheese!! Just as Artsy Fartsy as B promised – we love it! However it does appear that Brit never managed to finish off that extra verse – as it includes another man’s voice – could this possibly be Moroder himself? All shall be revealed soon..

Seriously, we got waaaayyyy to excited for this… let our families know – we’re done!

Want to know what tops this all off? The critics LOVE it! Have a look at what they had to say here.

Great week to be a Britney fan! Actually what are we talking about? Every week is a great week to be a Britney fan!

BTW – Only one week left till PRETTY GIRLS!! Let the countdown begin!

Have a great week y’all – see you next Spearitual Sunday!

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