Welcome back to another week of Planet Britney, where we summarize all things Britney related from last week into one easy and simple post, perfect for those of you who just simply do not have the time to catch up on Britney news every single day.


If you have a spare $8.9 Million dollars lying around, you can be the owner of Britney’s stunning Thousand Oakes mansion!

No, Britney will not be homeless! No need to worry! She has already snapped up a hot new mansion fully equipped with full length mirrors for sexy selfies:

A big drive way to show off her wheels:

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Off to work!

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And lots of space for hairstylists for those days you want a perfect braid:

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Fun braid day

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We have to say, we will miss the old house so much, it did after all give us the amazing People Magazine shoot and some flawless Britney Jean album artwork shots, but we are loving the new house just as much! Talking Britney Jean, check out this new snap that leaked online this week:

Ahh, the great memories. Check out a timeline of all of Britney’s houses by clicking HERE.


Britney returned to her stage this week and slayed all of your faves! Britney was on fire and her stage look, as always, was on point. Don’t believe us? Check out the pics for yourself!

This has us so excited for B9…. Eeeeek! Pure perfection!


We have been waiting…. and waiting… for what seems like forever, for any news regarding the release of B9. The Barmy were out in full force finding out any additional info we could get and the answers were pretty much exactly the same…

Nothing new here Mr Mustard…. We need more, like track details, release dates, some snippets… throw us a bone! Then there were interviews… Justin Tranter gave us a little more new info:

Can you tell us about working with Britney Spears on her new album?
It’s been such a cool experience. Her voice is just so special, yeah, and she’s a very underrated writer. That girl’s melodies!

You have read that correctly, B is part of the writing team for B9! Can the album be released already??

And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere… this happened:

Say WHAAAT? We do not like to get excited too early, but Robin has been pretty spot on with his Britney news recently, so we have to say he is a pretty reliable source. Could we have new music information within the next 24 hours? We will have to wait and see….. If you need us we will be here at HQ’s clicking refresh on Britney news all day… In the meantime, let’s keep watching the ‘Oops!’ video, it has been a while since our last certification:


That is all for this week y’all, hopefully next week we will have lots of new B9 news for you!! We are soooo excited!