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Dec 30, 2015



2015ney was epic! The stunning red carpet looks, the numerous public appearances, an award show performance, 2 brilliant singles, iconic photo-shoots and an amazing run of ‘Piece Of Me’. If you have not had the chance to see the current show in all it’s glory, you only have 3 days left, as the show is going to get a massive revamp next year!

That banner, as the Barmy would say, is life! We are waiting in antici….pation for a HQ version of this pic, it would go perfectly on our office wall here at HQ. And that outfit!! LOVE! We want more, so give us more! Britney has been slaying Vegas as per usual – and upon her return she posted this ‘Monroe-esque’ pic on Britstagram (which BTW hit 7 million followers this week!!!!) and we screamed just a little..

OMGney! Perfection! As if that was not enough, Britney continued to slay lives with another pic with the boys.

When will your faves exactly? We are in awe. Steve Aoki then followed with another pic, which left us wondering (being the second meet and greet and all) if Brit and Steve have something cooking for B9? We are completely for the idea…

Steve was not the only star to attend POM this week – Dave Grohl – a self-confessed ‘Toxic’ lover made a stop over to see the Queen shake her thang..

No seriously…. she literally shook her thang!!


The list of celebs that have made a stop over to see POM is incredible! We cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store… fingers crossed ‘Breathe On Me’ makes the cut…


We have been spoilt this year with a ton of sexy pics, throwing us right back to the ‘In The Zone’ era and we cannot be more chuffed about it. Just when you thought we could not possibly be more slayed after the new Vegas drop launched, within seconds Glenn Nutley posted this HOT AS ICE pic on his Instagram account…

We are not worthy! We now keep a paper bag close by… with all these surprises – you never know when the next hyperventilating attack will happen.… B9 we are ready…


Happy Birthday to one of the best videos of all time, ‘I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman’ turns 14!!

And by the best of all time – we include every single Britney video in that category… you may call that a biased opinion – we just call it the truth..

Remember that awe-inspiring back drop of ‘Human Nature’ from the Madonna ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour?

Of course you do! Here is the full vid in all it’s glory:

Britney and Madonna together can never do any wrong…

Billboard also offered their share of Britney Throwbacks – by listing this amazing photo-shoot under their year-end ‘Best Original Photography of 2015’ list.

One of our favourite photo-shoots from this year! Who are we kidding – every photo shoot is our fave!


Our last ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game of the year is back! And we kick this amazing end of year edition off with a Britmas pic:

What would Britmas be without your closest friends? Britney also posted another dance class pic this week. Can you ‘Spot The Brit’ in this one?

And last but not least, Santa got his wish this year too..

That is all for this week y’all! We cannot wait for 2016! You have all been a massive part of our year and we are excited to bring you more ground breaking Britney news! 2016 is going to be a great year and we could not think of anyone better to spend it with than the super flawless you! Happy New Year!