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Okay, we ain’t sugar coating this one y’all. Personally we thing that journo’s do what jurno’s do and create a massive story by twisting words, but let’s go with the news this week and then tell you our opinion..

It all started off with a fan asking Iggy why she thought Pretty Girls did not do as well in the charts as the world expected it to…

Then ‘PopZone’ started all the negative rumours, by twisting Iggy’s words…

Iggy followed with:

Then being a slow media day – even Billboard joined on the band waggon:

Then fans embarrassingly started attacking…

Then when a fan stated that Britney cannot perform other than Vegas – Iggy responded with..

Woahaa… This just got a massive reaction from all of the fans.. Britney however remained silent until this very point and followed with…

Could this be shade towards Iggy and her cancelled shows for this year? Britney does not return to Vegas until August – so… it is a bit premature – but also really fitting to the Tweets…

So what do we get from this? Honestly, we think people are reading way too much into this… Iggy was just stating that she wanted the song to perform better and that she feels that more promo could have helped. She also stated that they are real friends and that there is no shade – just opinions on a song she cared about… Could she have worded the ‘asshole sucking’ comment a bit better – yeah probably… That was a bit unnecessary.. but IGGY is… well.. IGGY and we are sure she did not mean it in offensive terms…

As for Brit – was that shade? Well in context it sure does seem like it – but then you would really need to read between the lines… if it was – that would be the perfect shade ever – as it was subtle… But could B just have merely been stating she is looking forward to getting back in on the action and doing what she loves most? Probably..

You may want to take a seat for this next one though… Wendy Williams actually said something nice about the queen of pop about this whole situation..

The weather has been a little different recently…

Iggy returned to Twitter a few days after to make sure that everyone knew – there is no beef:

Let’s put it this way – you can look at the convos either way you want – but one thing is for sure – Pretty Girls is back in the limelight… and rising on the charts again this week… so our opinion is Brit and Iggy are having a great chat on the phone laughing away at the success of their new unique way of promoting the track again…. Now there is food for thought….

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With all the great news regarding Gay Marriage legalisation – it was only a matter of time that Britney tweeted her fans in celebration:

#LOVEWINS – great to see all the support this great decision has been getting! Like Britney the world is chuffed for the decision to let Love lead the world!

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With no album, no world tour, only 1 single and based on only POM residency alone – Britney still made the Forbes Rich list at 81 – making her one of the top 15 female earners of the year, with $31 Million Dollars

Britney has topped the chart in previous years – so it is only fair to give others a chance… however could you imagine if Britney worked as hard as the female artists topping the list? We would bet she would have earned double… talk about slayage! Britney earns millions just being… well.. Britney!

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If you as us Pretty Girls is doing Pretty Great! Another week another milestone for this Summer Smash! This week Britney and Iggy’s music video reached over 80 MILLION views:

Pretty Girls rises this week and hits the number 2 Spot on the Billboard Dance Club charts

AND.. It is official Pretty Girls has won the Ryan Seacrest Song Of The Summer contest!!

SLAY! Who said the song was not killing it? All this great news makes us want to do the chicken dance – ala Beyonce..

BTW whoever made this video – deserves an award… LOLZ

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If there is one moment that the Britney Army desperately wishes we could have experienced – it would be the full iconic ‘Outrageous’ video featuring Snoop Dogg. The super stan Snoop posted this flawless snap on his Instagram this week.

We know they have stated that there is no footage from the trench coat and underwear scene.. but all these snaps are starting to make us believe that fibs are being told…

If someone has even 2 seconds of footage – please let us see it!!

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Remy (Reason TV) gathered his TSA boy band and created this ‘chuckle’ spoof with the help of the ever iconic Britney hit, ‘Oops!…I Did It Again!’

Have we ever heard of Reason TV? Nah… But you are always guaranteed to get noticed when you reference Britney Spears.. Smart marketing right there, we tell ya…

Could it have been funnier? Probably, but still a few giggles here and there nonetheless.

Talking about giggles – this hilarious ‘Robots’ video landed up on our desks here at HQ this week – what a flashback – we totally forgot about this! It was only fair that we remind you of it too.



Mamma Spears has gone all campaign on us and wants you to vote democrat! What better way to get sponsors, other than to give away Britney Spears Tickets as a prize… Smart move there! It’s simple, donate $50 and stand a chance to win a VIP experience!

Awesome idea! Mamma Spears also showed she is just like the rest of us, when Britney hits the radio! Check out this hilarious video Jamie Lynne posted this week

Slay Mamma Spears – shake it like a Polaroid picture!! This made our week!

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After a quiet few days – Brit returned to Twitter to promote the new Ellen clothing line!

Ellen we love it – Just like B – Ellen can do no wrong in our eyes! Slay Queen D.. hold up – that sounds odd.. let’s just go with Queen E  – safe bet..

Britney also took some time to show us that she is a cool mom and let’s her boys skate in the house… check out this slaying skills!

WOWZERS! That is awesome! We would like to say we can do this too – but the reality is – we cannot – truth be told – we are still struggling to learn the simple Whip Wae Wae dance…

.. we have been trying to incorporate that to the entire Blackout album.. life struggles..

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Replace, ‘It’s Britney Bitch’, with this topic headline and you have got a perfect sound for a slot machine winning! We copyright that.. just kiddin’! So Vegas is releasing new Britney inspired slot machines, check them out!

As if we needed any more reasons to go to Vegas! Well, here goes our entire payslip… and we ain’t even sorry!

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Asdjfhflkdsjafkjhasflk! Britney is back in the recording studio y’all!! We cannot contain our excitement for this one. Check out the Tweet that started all the hype this week!

Britney hit the recording studio with not only Chantal Kreviazuk, but Simon Wilcox too!

Looks like we may get that Artsy-Fartsy album after all! With hits like Gwen Stefani’s, ‘Rich Girl ‘ and Jonas’ ‘Jealous’ under their belt – we feel like this is gonna be an epic one for Ms. Spears and we cannot wait to hear it!! Are you ready BARMY?

After the recording studio session – Brit also ran some errands  – check out these flawless pics!

Always pure perfection! Looking fine B – we cannot wait to hear more new music! Super excited!!

She also had time for shopping and two outfit changes! Check out for more pics here and here.

She’s been spending her weekend in the happiest place on earth, unfortunately she wasn’t here at Britney-Galaxy, but instead she were in Disneyland with her boys!

Rocking those Minnie mouse ears Brit! We also got some throwback teases from Oops!… era when she posted this adorable picture!

Oops!.. I Did It Again 2.0 on it’s way? We will see. To see more pictures of Disneyland trip click here and here.

That is all for this week y’all – we will leave you with this epic throwback – that featured in our Britney Galaxy – Top 15 duets – The performances this week. Now let’s Whip Nae Nae!

Have a great week y’all!

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