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Jul 25, 2016

Discover Britney – Song Of The Week – Edition 17 – Let Me Be

Welcome back to another edition of ‘Discover Britney,’ where we highlight Britney songs that were not released as singles. This way, you can share a song a week with people that have not yet had the chance to hear flawless tracks from Britney’s albums. Spread the word!

If you are an avid Britney stan, you will know that almost every track from a Britney album (in an ideal world) should have been released as a single. So many people have been deprived of some of the most timeless tracks and we feel that they should be heard. Join Britney Galaxy on Spotify, where we will add one track a week to our ‘Discover Britney’ playlist. Your gym playlist is set for life!


Oh yes, you knew this one had to make the list! ‘Let Me Be,’ from Britney’s self titled third studio album is nothing less than a power anthem, a click your fingers, bob your head, do not underestimate my power, you don’t know me, but you are about to, kind of track…

‘Think that I might back down but I won’t,’ and so you shouldn’t! Britney’s third album was more personal than you think, it was simply Britney’s cry to be taken seriously as an adult and that she could make her own decisions, pretty much a mirror track to, ‘Overprotected.’ When you make your first million at the age of 17 – you kind of have the right to state your independence – right?

That guitar is played so smoothly, you could swear it was a harp! And those vocals!! Another track showing off how great of a writer Britney truly is. It was not until Britney’s fourth studio album (besides for super jam ‘Anticipating’ – A French only release) that her own penned tracks made the single cut and what a shame as this song would have been one of Britney’s strongest singles should it have been released! You only need to look as far as ‘Me Against The Music’ and ‘Everytime’ to see the impact of Britney’s self penned tracks! The track was produced by Rodney ‘DarkChild’ Jerkins, so you do not even have to click on the track to know it is an absolute masterpiece! If you have not heard the track before, make sure your weave is secure, it is about to get snatched!

Best Lyrics: ‘Think that I can’t stand on my own, It ain’t my philosophy, Won’t you just let me, let me be?’

Songwriters: Britney Spears, Josh Schwartz and Brian Kierulf

Producers: Rodney Jerkins, Kierulf and Scwartz

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