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So you are casually watching the Billboard awards – waiting ever so patiently for the Britney/ Iggy Performance, knowing full well you are most likely going to have to sit through 600 adverts, some sort of Kanye West embarrassment, a tedious ‘’selfie’’ and some terribly mediocre performances, but yet you place yourself through the torture anyway. Is this all really worth it? Then, what feels like a lifetime later… It finally happens!! And boy, was it worth it!!

When you’re feeling sad and lone – B-IGGS will take you where you wanna go….. With all the colours of the world – the BBMA’s performance sure did space up our lives! We all knew Britney is super human (remember those levitating pics?)  – but holy guacamole – did you know that she could TELEPORT too?

We cannot even!!! One minute they were at the Billboard awards and the next they were on the POM stage! How does one DEAL? Sneaky little magicians! Yet another ICONIC performance from Queen B! The SWAG was on point! Look at that BODAAY!

Iggy and Brit set the stage on fire and the world was just not ready – the critics have been praising it for days! Girls – take it from us – YOU ROCKED IT! Literally… like we are still recovering from the ricochet!

But the performance was not the only thing that has everyone chatin’… Did you see how flawless Brit and Iggs looked on the red carpet? Charlie – you LUCKY, LUCKY MAN!

WOWZERS MAMMAS! Beyonce – just so you know – perfection clearly is not a disease… in this case, you need to rethink ‘dem lyrics… The only hurt we get from this pretty – is the strain in our hearts from not being able to cope…and the pretty comes naturally..

SLAM DUNK! Yet another Billboard success!!  We hear tissue sales have spiked… Cleenex thanks your faves..

By the way… just to rub this in a little more… Viewings spiked and broke records for the night when the BIGGSTERS performed… Need proof? Read it all HERE.

Keep listening to Pretty Girls and promote like Crazy – this is the JAM of the summer! Read about Brit and IGGS killing the Streaming chart HERE –  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

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WARNING – this may raise temperatures! You might wanna take a seat whilst reading this… What a week for meet and greets! It just goes to show – no matter how famous you are, you still cannot help pull this face when you meet the queen of pop:

Slay Calvin! We have to admit this pic had us a little too excited here at HQ – and a tiny bit – scrap that – every part of us was hoping that Calvin and Brit had a discussion about creating a masterpiece together!! We love Calvin and his collaborations are nothing short of iconic!! Oh and since Calvin and TAY TAY are looking super cosy these days – maybe a collab between the 3 could be thrown in the mix… Our lives would be slayed!

Talking about pure SLAYAGE – Tyson Beckford – aka Mr. Toxic – came to visit Ms. Spears this week!

Not only did this epic meet and greet happen – Tyson also went all Magic Mike on stage, as the freakshow guy! Sweet mother of Britney Angels…..

God bless America, y’all! That was just intense! Got all ‘dem girls like…

But wait! There’s more! Our very own little Britney Galaxy celeb, King Anthony, met B this week too!

AWW! We are super happy for you Ant.. oh and a little jealous! We tucked in to heaps of pizza back here at the office – it was literally the only thing that made us feel better… You are to blame for or weight gain! On the other hand – you and B looked super flawless, Ant!

Wanna catch Brit in Vegas? Shows start again in August –  make sure you get your tix now! Not that you need any more convincing – however, have a look at this week’s POM shows HERE.

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OKAY – although the doctors that look after your pets are SUPER DOOPER important, it is not them that we are referring to this time round… Sorry Hannah Spears… This one is for the VETERANS – who deserve all the support we can give them – in the latest selfie trend!

Look at these gorgeous pics of the world’s most attractive couple – like – ever – supporting this amazing cause!

Join in on the #AmericanSelfie – it is for a great cause… Not that you all need any convincing to take selfies… we have seen your INSTAGRAM accounts… although, we would really prefer some more clothes from y’all for this selfie…. You do not understand how many times we have to explain that we were only on Instagram to visitors… they still do not believe us.. Thanks for that!

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This had us in stitches this week. The new ‘The Voice’ promo is out – and what would successful promo be without Britney Spears?

Christina posted this video on her facebook page, with a note reminding everyone that it is all just fun and games – and the people in the video are for those that she loves and admires!

Christina Aguilera

May 20 at 3:39am · 

This was so fun! ?? Fun tribute to those I love & admire. XoXtina ?? ‪#‎Impressions ‪#‎TheVoice


X – we loved it – so funny and totally endearing!! Bring on this duet already! Time to remind the world where their faves learnt their skills from – the originals still run the world!

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Firstly, let’s kick this off with a massive Congratulations to Rumer Willis and Val for winning Dancing With The Stars 2015!! Demi Moore and Bruce Willis must be super proud! The ‘Toxic’ performance was so hot, it had us sweatin’!

As if these slick moves weren’t enough to snatch your weaves – did you know Rumer sang that Toxic version and Val played the violin?

UGH.. you are so talented, you make us want to sit in a corner and cry… Too much perfection to deal with… We would usually try the dance here at HQ – but we are seriously afraid we may turn into a human pretzel… Never fun… believe us..

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Yes, when we first read it – we though the same thing too.. what an amazing idea – a perfume for your intimate bits… absolutely genius! Oh wait… what? AWKWARD… you mean this is the new Fantasy Perfume named after the Intimate collection and not actually for your intimate bits?

Oops – sorry! Well – there you have it folks – Britney is soon to be releasing her new fantasy collection perfume..  and what’s more – there will also be an advert  for it!!

The perfume kingdom grows! Congrats B – cannot wait to smell it! Also remember that video we were talking about last week.. could this have been it? Well we will have to wait and see…

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It’s Gold, it’s gold, it’s gold, it’s solid gold baby! That is right bitches, Britney is featured in the National Portrait Gallery – ‘Eye Pop’ Icons, this week. But unlike the others – Britney has been framed in GOLD – which according to the gallery – generally represents a religious icon.

Britney Spears

For “Pop Icon: Britney,” artist R. Luke DuBois created a moving collage using videos of the pop star and framed the screen in gold. Ethereal sounds, some of which were recorded in an old church in Italy, emanate from nearby speakers. “There is something about our devotion to celebrity that the artist is probably commenting on by comparing her to a religious icon,” Fortune says.

Britney is not called the modern day Mona Lisa for nothing you know! Just look at this work of art!

BOYSNEY makes a comeback! ICONIC – this is just perfect – and a must see! Although we LOVE it – we still personally wish the artwork looked a little something like this:

So after freaking out at the EPICNESS – and we had some time to catch our breath… this whole thing had us wondering, was there an Austin Powers reference to this work of ART. Why, you ask? Well. the BOYS pic is from the Goldmember movie,  the frame is gold, Britney was in the Goldmember movie and Britney is hot (this had to be said – even though the relevance is zero).. interesting… Do you think they served a SMOKE AND A PANCAKE as the canapé’s for the evening? No? What about… 

OK, we will stop.. it was TOTES HILLARE though… Anyways… That is a wrap for this week folks– but as you know – we always give you a GOODIE right at the very end.. Check out this ROFLBSAOTP video of Pretty Girls with no music!

XD – Brilliant right! Just in case you did not understand our acronym – it means – Rolling On The Floor Laughing Blowing Snot All Over The Place… DEAD! You are welcome!

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Till next week y’all! We will leave you With one more FUNNY – cause we are SUPER COOL that way… Buy Morning Star Burgers now!!… SNIGGER!


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