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Mar 20, 2016


Welcome back to another week of Planet Britney, where we summarise all things Britney related from last week into one easy and simple post, perfect for those of you, who just simply do not have the time to catch up on Britney news every single day.


This week started off with a lot of guessing when out of nowhere, shots popped up on line of Brit arriving at LAX airport.

Paparazzi went a little crazy, as they usually do and we could not help but sing along to, ‘Kill The Lights’ whilst watching this clip..

So with no announcement of why Britney was in LAX, site after site starting playing the guessing game. Is Brit about to announce her new single? Is Brit about to surprise the world with a new interview? Could this be the start of B9? So what did we here at Britney Galaxy HQ’s do? Absolutely nothing, we just posted the news as is and waited to see…

But it turns out, all the crazy news reporters were wrong… as expected. Britney instead surprised the world and her amazing sister Jamie Lynne, by attending her little sisters show!


Fans of Brit and Jamie Lynne were in absolute awe when the mega star arrived looking like a million dollars!

Britney has always said family first! The surprise was super emosh! We teared up just a little..


AWWW! Britney then followed up with this amazing pic of her and Brian on her Instagram after the introduction because.. well.. it was a surprise, silly!

And then proceeded to share this gorgeous pic of the 2 famous siblings after the show.

The week was all about family and one of the main reasons why we love the Queen B sooo much! Check out this shot of the Spears family taking a trip around Nashville..

Our hearts melt. Talking about melty hearts.. Let’s not forget these Instagram posts of Brit reading a story to Lexie..

..and then being busted by Bryan!

Family goals set!



You did it Barmy! We never lose 2NE1! The Britney army slay time after time! But the race is not over! Even though we beat the 2NE1 fans in the last round – we still have some work to do to win the title! This week we are up against the Directioners! Click HERE to vote! We are so close to taking home the winning title again!


Shonda Rhymes has gone on to become one of our most favourite writers of all time and to think that her first major role started with none other than Ms. Spears makes us even harder stans! This week Shonda spoke about working on, ’Crossroads’ with Britney and we learned so many new things that we never knew before. She even mentioned that she would not be opposed to working with the cast again.  We can only dream.

One thing that had us super excited though, is hearing that Robert Deniro is a Britney Spears’ stan… We know right???

Relative unknown Anson Mount as was cast as Ben, Lucy’s hunky, tattooed love interest. Mount was initially hesitant to take on a film starring the teen icon, but was eventually persuaded by none other than his City By The Sea costar Robert De Niro, who was a huge fan of Spears and even ran lines with Mount on set, reading Britney’s part.

Holy Spearit! The slayage is real! Click HERE to catch the full article.

You would not believe it! But that is all for this week! But before we go… allow us to remind you that this…

… happened 16 years ago this week. Britney began filming her iconic, ‘Oops!.. I Did It Again’ music video. Although the single or the video were only released at a later stage, this week is when the magic began! The video is almost VEVO certified, although it should be certified already! Come on Barmy! Let’s get these numbers up and watch the video again and again!

See y’all next week! P.S – Can you believe we are on edition 40 already! WOWZERS!