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Jun 17, 2018

Pitbull reveals he’s collaborating with Britney Spears on a new song!

Looks like there may be new Britney music coming our way!

Singer, Pitbull, reveled that he has a song coming out titled ” I Feel So Free with you” featuring Britney Spears and Marc Anthony.

Move to Miami isn’t the only new music Pitbull has on deck, either. He revealed he has a collaboration with Britney Spears and Marc Anthony coming out called “I Feel So Free With You,” which is sure to be epic. He described the track as “volcanic” and now we’re counting down until we can hear it. 

The new track with Britney makes sense because he’s about to head out on tour with the Queen of Pop soon. While speaking about how he ended up joining Britney on tour, Pitbull said“it came about because we started the Vegas shows together.  I’m a big fan.”

We can’t wait to hear what this song sounds like! New Britney music is coming and we can’t wait!