Danja’s Throwback Saturday!

Danja promised us some exclusives we can here a track that didn’t make it on the Circus album and another track that didn’t made the final cut on Britney Jean. He also presented a new remix!

We can’t wait for more stuff off him on a new Britney record.

Feb 21 Britney grabbing lunch with David

Britney Spears wears low cut dress to lunch date with boyfriend David Lucado

After hitting the gym Britney went for a lunch with her boyfriend David Lucado!

In a comfy dress that suits well with her hair color!

Feb 20 – Britney shopping in Calabasas

Britney was seen yesterday shopping at Michaels Craft in Calabasas. Pictures here

Source: x17online.com

Feb 19 – Las Vegas Show

Britney Spears performed today in Las Vegas for Britney: Piece of me. Fergie was there!

Check out some pictures:


Work BitchWork Bitch 2
…Baby One More Time
Oops! I did it Again
Me Against the Music
Gimme More
Break the Ice
Piece of Me
Scream & Shout
Get Naked (Interlude)
Slave 4 U
FreakshowFreakshow 2
Circus Circus 2
I Wanna Go
Toxic Toxic 2
Til the World ends

February 18 – Las Vegas Show


Britney is back to Vegas for her residency. Last night she rocked another show and guess what? Nicole Richie was Britney’s slave during Freakshow! Also they took a picture backstage:


Check more pictures of the show here:


Work Bitch (Full)

Womanizer (Full)

Everytime (Part 1) & (Part 2) (Full)

Baby One More Time/Oops!… I did it Again (Full)

Me Against The Music (Full)

Gimme More/Break The Ice (Full)

Boys (Full)

Slave 4 You (Full)

Toxic (Full)

Stronger (Full)

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