Once Upon A Time, When Pepsi Did Commercials Right – #BritneySpears #Beyonce #Spicegirls #Madonna #P!nk #Fifa #AustinPowers #MichaelJackson #1D

Following a massive fail of Pepsi’s recent commercial – we cannot help but reminisce…. Remember the great times when Pepsi commercials were great fun? Remember when they used to get their messages across in the right way? They knew how to show solidarity and girl power with arguably the best Pepsi commercial of all time:

They knew how to get you extremely excited and straight up off your seat. We would literally spend days learning the dance moves to this masterpiece:

They knew how to bring generations together and give you that super good feeling! They captured every moment perfectly:

They knew how to bring people together during worldwide events. Into Fifa or not, you would jam to this, be honest…

They also knew how to be absolutely hilarious!!

And they pulled in all the legends! Remember these iconic commercials?

The joy of Pepsi, eh?