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Sep 4, 2016

Marina Lozitsky Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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It’s all about the Britney Army on Britney-Galaxy.com! Check out Britney Army member, Marina Lozitsky, Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears:

Even though I have met Britney twice in the past and had a really great experience each time, my third meet & greet from last night is my favorite. I think it was really good luck to do it with my best girlfriend, Nicole, whom I actually met because we both share a love for Britney and then learned we have many other things in common.

After we did the backstage tour with Fe, Nicole and I gave Fe a gift for her and a gift for Britney. We got Fe a photo album where fans can bring in their pictures with her and write their stories and we started it for her with our pictures. Fe loved it! We got Britney a make-up bag and inside we put a necklace that Nicole purchased for Britney, herself, and me as well. It’s a key with the word “Strength” written on it and proceeds go to charity. Fe gave Britney the gift before we had to line up for the meet & greet and when Nicole and I were in line to meet Britney, Fe came to us and told Nicole that Britney loved the necklace she bought and put it on right away. Nicole literally freaked and tears were coming out of her eyes and I told her to hold them back because she can’t mess up her make-up before her picture with Britney! I was so excited as well. I was nervous waiting in line, but after Fe told us that Britney loved the necklace and is wearing it, I calmed down a lot. The meet & greets went quicker this time than my first two because the group of fans meeting her was a lot larger. Britney was in a really good mood and not as shy and reserved as I remember. She was a lot more outgoing last night…. Like, Nicole and I literally felt that if we were to ask her to make out with us, she actually might have! It was so good to see her so happy. She looked amazing. When it was my turn, I walked up to her and said “Hi Britney, it’s nice to see you again” and she smiled at me and said hi and we shook hands. I then showed her my tattoo of her autograph that I got last month on my right wrist. She told me she loves it, as she touched it! Then I saw that she was wearing Nicole’s necklace and I pointed to it and told her my friend Nicole got the necklace for her and that I’m so glad she likes it and she said “thank you, I love it”. Then I asked if we can do the hugging pose for our photo and she said “of course” and immediately put her arms around me. She was so gorgeous and friendly, I just couldn’t really process everything because it felt like a dream. I told her that I love her show and I’ve seen it five times and can’t wait to see it again before we said bye. Honestly, it’s so surreal and it happens so fast that it’s hard to remember every detail like it happened and I almost wish they would record our meet & greets and give them to us on a DVD at the end of the show with our photo!

So, not only did Britney wear Nicole’s necklace during the meet & greet with everyone, but she also wore it on stage during the entire show! This made us so happy! And all three of us now having matching necklaces… Britney, Nicole, and me. 🙂 The show was freaking amazing. She was so fun and interacted a lot with the audience. I love her personality and she has an amazing sense of humor; she can really make the audience laugh. After the show was when we picked up our meet & greet photos with our goody bags which included an autographed poster. I was really excited about my poster when Nicole and I got to the hotel room and took our posters out of the poster tube to look at them. So, when Nicole and I gave Fe her and Britney’s gifts before the meet & greet, we talked to her for a little bit and I showed her my tattoo and told her I wanted to show it to Britney. She asked me if I got it off the autographed poster (because she knows Nicole and I have done this before and have autographed posters) and I told her it was traced off my iPod that I won in 2007 that she autographed. Fe said it makes sense because Britney now rarely signs her last name because she autographs about 40 posters a night and it takes too long (and yeah, my previous autographed posters only had her first name on them). So, when I picked up my poster after the show and saw it, I was excited and thought it was so ironic and perfect that I actually got the poster that Britney autographed with her last name and it matches my freaking tattoo (pictures below). Seriously, last night was so amazing that I still haven’t processed it fully. It didn’t even hit me that Britney’s autograph on my poster matches my tattoo until Nicole pointed it out to me! I was just really slow to process last night… I felt like I was going to wake up any minute and so did Nicole! Nicole said, “This is too long to be a dream”. I told Fe the story behind my tattoo and she said that it was really touching and she and Britney love hearing things like that.

Oh yeah, on a side note… Nicole and I saw Britney’s brother, Brian, in person at the concert. He was there with his niece and we saw him backstage and during the concert. I’ve met her mom before and seen her dad, but I haven’t seen her brother in person before so that was cool. We wanted to take a picture with him, but he was being followed by two girls so we decided against it. Overall, the experience has been amazing and I am so glad that Nicole and I did it together. It’s so hard to remember all the details because it was such a rush, it happened so quickly, and we were on cloud 9. But for the most part, I think that I got it all out. Except, I also just remembered something else that was exciting for me. After every meet & greet photo is taken, they show Britney the photo so she can approve it. If she doesn’t think it turned out good, they will call the fan back to re-do the photo. So because Nicole went after me, she saw Britney run to look at the photo that she and I took together and Nicole said that Britney gave it two thumbs up and said “Yes, good good”. So I can now officially say that Britney Spears approved of our meet & greet photo together. Am I still alive? <3

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(Gift Marina and Nicole gave Britney, that she wore)

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Thanks for sharing your story with us Marina!!