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Posted on
May 7, 2019

Lynne Spears wants to bring her own lawyers to Fridays hearing!!! #FreeBritney

It’s Lynne Spears bitch and she is not messing around!

Our flawless Queens mother, Lynne Spears, wants to make sure her OWN legal team is backing her up during Friday’s scheduled hearing. According to documents, obtained by The Blast, Lynne wants her Louisiana lawyer, Gladstone N. Jones III, to be able to represent her during Friday’s scheduled hearing, so she needs approval by the L.A. judge to allow him to participate.

Lynne’s filing makes it clear it’s in Britney’s best interest to allow her to participate in the hearing, and there is not enough time to officially vet her legal counsel before Friday. Lynne wants to be actively involved in Britney’s conservatorship case, and will be making an appearance with Britney on Friday to stand by her side. Britney Army fans are planning to attend the hearing on Friday to show Queen B our support and for her to know that we have her back. The Britney Army’s faith is now in the hands of Lynne Spears and we have SO much faith in Lynne, because we know she is a fucking badass, like her daughter Britney.  Keep thinking positive everyone and pray that things will work out AMAZING for our Queen Britney.

PS: Please keep in mind Britney’s team will tell news outlets any made up story to anyone that try’s to get in their way!! Don’t believe anything you read from TMZ, Radar and ETC when it comes to her mom and friends! They all want to help and save britney!! Britneys team and father will try any way to stop them, don’t feed into the bullshit stories about Britney  her mother and friends!!!!