Little Mix LOVES Britney Spears!

little ix

Pretty Girls UNITE!

Little Mix recently spilled the truth on how they felt about Britney Spears recording “Pretty Girls”. Check out the AWESOME things they had to say about our girl:

The collaboration between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea on Pretty Girls was considered a flop, peaking at No16 in the UK chart and No29 in the US.

But co-writers Little Mix didn’t care, according to the girlband’s Perrie Edwards, 22.

She reveals: “I don’t give a crap who thinks it was a flop.

“Britney Spears sang our song. That’s not a flop to me.

“I feel like Britney is the only person who can get away with that line, ‘All around the world, pretty girls’.

“They absolutely smashed it. They owned it.”

Aw, we reckon Little Mix could totes get away with singing the same lines.


It’s Britney Bitch!


Thanks to our flawless member treatherlikeananimal for finding this for us!