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Sep 9, 2015

Is #SuperBowlNEY Still In The Running?!

Is our Girl Britney (AKA. #SuperBowlNey) still in the running for the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show?! Seems like it! Hollywood Life posted an Article adding Bruno Mars to the list of candidates for SB50. However, since the rumors of who would be performing at Super Bowl 50 have started, Britney`s name has been EVERYWHERE. We are ready Britney!


Homegirl has been slaying her Vegas show on a daily basis! The Halftime Show would be a piece of Cake!

Will she?!

Are we Ready?

Is the NFL ready ?!

“Britney Spears and Taylor Swift were rumored to be in talks as the Super Bowl headliner, and HollywoodLife.com has learned these fabulous ladies aren’t yet out of the question. “[Taylor] hasn’t turned it down or accepted the offer,” an NFL insider tellsHollywoodLife.com . “The NFL is throwing their net far and wide and wants to see who they can get, so Taylor is still an option. Britney is still an option and Bruno is also an option. Nobody has confirmed though but the league wants it set by Thanksgiving.” If Bruno accepts, how epic would it be to see him perform with Taylor or Britney?!”

You can Check out the Full Article HERE.

Do you want to see Britney headline the Superbowl Halftime Show? Let us know! #NeverSayNever

Pray to GodNey and the Holy Spearit!