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Dec 4, 2016

I am a proud fan. @britneyspears

No, this is not going to be one of the those articles that hails Britney for her latest “comeback.” Why? Because truth be told, she never really went anywhere. This here is an article to say how I, Anthony, am and always will be a proud fan of Britney Spears. I know. You are probably saying to yourself, “Well, duh! Of course you’re a Britney fan. Why are you writing about it now?” The reason I have chosen to write about it now is because as a proud fan of Britney, I want to express just how happy I am for her. For those of us who love Britney, and who have been longtime fans, it probably goes without saying that she sure knows how to leave us all speechless, myself included. But why is that? I believe it’s because Britney has something special about her that no other artist in this world has. Britney has the ability to inspire millions of people each and every day. She reminds her fans to always shine bright, to give back to the world, and to always have faith. More importantly, though, she reminds us all to always stay true to ourselves. Her million-dollar smile that we all fell in love with nearly two decades ago continues to light up the world, and the happiness she continues to share is effortlessly contagious. To any of us who have ever faced a “bump in the road,” she is a clear beacon of hope and inspiration.

I never thought it would be possible, but as a fan I have become even more proud of her during this “Glory” era. Not only is Britney giving us her best these days, but she is also finally able to share the kind of work that she wants to share. She has been involved with so many different aspects of this album, and she got to do it in the way that she wanted to.

For me, it’s not about the album sales or how well her songs are doing on the charts. When it comes to Britney, all I care about is her happiness, and that is what I see shining through this era. Britney is HAPPY! She has found the balance in her life, which allows her to shine SO brightly on the stage. I personally believe that because Britney is loving life so much these days, it inspires her to want to continue performing more and more. It seems to me that she wants to put herself out there so that she can share her newly found confidence, and to tell the world “Hey! It’s fucking Britney, bitch!

These are the reasons why I am filled with an ever-growing sense of pride for Britney Spears. In my book, there’s never anything for me to complain about. She’s here, putting out great music and sharing her heart of gold with the world. She’s happy, and as a Britney fan, I really don’t think we could ask for anything more.