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Dec 9, 2016

#Glory is listed as one of the best albums on FUSE! @britneyspears

All hail the Queen of POP!

Glory has been listed as one of the 20 Best Albums of 2016 by FUSE tv coming in at number 12!

Princess of Pop would reclaim her crown by giving us the album that we deserve—Glory. There are very few missteps on the project, which is one of her strongest since 2008’s Circus. Instead of giving us air-headed, sticky pop songs (save “Private Show”), Britney returns to exploring R&B, electronica and trap. From the breathy, reggae-infused “Slumber Party” to the trippy French banger “Coupure Èlectrique” and stand-out track “Love Me Down,” Ms. American Dream sounds more musically engaged than she has in a long time.