Fernando Garibay talks Circus era collaboration


Britney’s sixth studio album, Circus,  was her solid return to Pop music with thirteen songs and enough bonus tracks for an EP on the side! Two of those bonus tracks, “Quicksand” and “Amnesia”, were collaborations with music producer Fernando Garibay who recently opened up about his contribution to the flawlessness that is the Circus album.

I think “Quicksand” and “Amnesia” were two of the best songs from Britney Spears’ Circus era. How did they end up as bonus tracks?

Here’s what happened. I thought they were good songs. The thing is, I don’t think they were aligned with the brand or the direction of the album, but they were good. I mean, they felt they wanted it to be a part of it, but they didn’t fit the circus theme of the album. I think that’s what happened.


You can read the full article about Fernando’s collaborations HERE.

How fabulous were all the bonus tracks for Circus?! Absolutely fabulous! We love hearing from producers like Fernando Garibay about working with Britney! Would you like to see Fernando back for B9?