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Jul 1, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Felicia Culotta Chats To Britney-Galaxy.Com!

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Shut the front door, right? We are just as excited about this as you are! Felicia Culotta (Or Fe if you are a ma-hooo-sive Britney fan) took some time out of her grueling schedule to chat with none other than Britney-Galaxy.com. Fe has been a part of the Britney army ever since she played the school teacher in Britney’s, ‘…Baby One More Time,’ music video and 18 years later, here she is, still right by our side! In true 00’s MTV style, ‘You think you know Fe? But you have no idea…’ Let’s get up close and personal with one of our faves!

1) What is your favorite Britney Spears music video?

I’m always drawn back to ‘…Baby One More Time,’ it was such a groundbreaking experience on all levels.

2) What is your favorite Britney Spears song?

I love Toxic, Radar, Baby and Sometimes.

3) What is your favorite moment on the road with Britney after all these years?

Oh Gosh= 1,000’s! But I truly enjoyed the Versace Fashion show!

4) What is your favorite thing about being Britney’s friend and VIP tour guide?

I get to tell personal stories and BRAG about her for a solid hour!

5) What is the funniest thing Britney has ever done?

Oh My! That is too hard to answer! There are TOO many!

6) What is your favorite tour with Britney?

I loved the ‘Dream within a Dream Tour,’ it was so much fun touring!

7) What was the coolest moment you experienced with Britney?

Looking out at free concerts in Mexico city and fans took up ALL the city as far as my eyes could see.

 8) If you could have Britney duet with another singer, who would you choose?

Oh- I’d love her to duet with Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas or DNCE!

9) What are some of your favorite pranks you have pulled on one another through the years?

We usually pulled sweet Pranks [on each other], such as surprise visits from loved ones and Brit, giving great happiness to everyone!

10) What king of things do you personally do to relax?

I love to read, do yoga, shop and watch Netflix!

11) Which ‘Oops’ interlude was your favorite to record with Britney and were there any others that you recorded that didn’t make the cut?

We didn’t even realize those interludes were being taped! We were just simply talking and goofing off. Then in the mixing they let us hear what they had done!

12) What is your favorite Book?

I love Adriana Trigiani, Jennifer Weiner, and Jodi Picoult! Britney’s mom (Lynne) and I exchange books all the time!

13) Do you miss touring or do you like being in Vegas more?

I do miss touring but I can unpack in Las Vegas!

14) Do you know if there are any plans in the works of touring again in the near future?

I’m not sure at all, but I’d be SO up for it if we do!

15) What is your favorite restaurant to go to in Vegas?

I love to eat at Mon Ami Gabi!

16) Would you ever do another cameo appearance in a Britney music video?

I never could because I am always busy!

17) What is one thing Felicia would like Britney fans to know about herself and one thing she would like Britney fans to know about Britney?

I’m NOT shy and she IS!

18) What is your favorite thing about the Britney Army?

That [everyone] is positive, motivating and helpful!

19) What is your favorite memory with Britney?

The first MTV appearance at Times Square, FULL of Britney fans!

20) Are you excited for new Britney music coming? 

ABSOLUTELY! I know her work ethic and I know it will be awesome!

21) What is one thing you want to tell the Britney Army right now and Britney-Galaxy.com readers?

I am truly, from the bottom of my heart, grateful for ALL the love and support the readers and army give to Britney and each other! I love to see the friendships made, the lives made full in the love of Britney. I am honored to be a part of the Britney camp and of course her life. I get to talk about my favorite life experiences that include a person we all ADORE!

Aww! Thank you Fe! It goes without saying, we absolutely adore you! What do you think Barmy? Join us on Universe and let’s chat all things Fe!