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Oct 29, 2016

Chris Diaz Meet and Greet Story with Britney! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

It’s time for the spotlight on the Britney Army!

Flawless fan, Chris Diaz, wanted to share his meet and greet story with the Britney Army! Check out Chris’s story below:

So, a couple weeks ago I got an email gloriously (hehe) titled “Best Day Ever” from someone named Kennedy at Crowdrise. I thought to myself, why didn’t my spam filter take this out of my inbox? But being the curious person that I am, I figured my iPhone would block any potential virus when low and behold, the email was about a future best day ever, I was selected to win a meet and greet and two tickets to Britney’s Piece of Me show on Saturday 10/22. I screamed. One co-worker thought something happened to Hillary Clinton (totes with her) and another thought I won Hamilton broadway tickets (they were closer). When I told them to read the email out loud to confirm what I was seeing they started jumping up and down for me. I had completely forgotten that I even entered this contest when I bought pit tickets for the show a month before to celebrate my 30th birthday in Vegas with some friends. As I clicked confirm on the tickets, I got the option to donate money to Britney’s support of rebuilding Louisiana schools. I donated $20 (#poorteacherhere) and forgot about it because I knew my chances were zero. So shock doesn’t even begin to cover it when my coworkers confirmed what I read. The email asked me to sign an affidavit within two days or forfeit the prize. You bet your ass I had that thing signed and sent over within two minutes.

Flash forward a week and a half later to Vegas. It’s 8pm and we were told to wait by the high end slot machines at Planet Hollywood. There was a small group of about 6 other people huddled so my friend and I figured we probably have to wait there. A security guard came up to us, checked us off the list. he had some jokes for a group of teachers saying they weren’t on the list…you should have seen their faces. I was about to fight for them cause I just knew they must have been feeling what I was feeling. After 18 years, we were minutes away from meeting our idol. Our Queen. Our favorite person on the planet. We went through security, waited a little, and then were escorted into a loading dock area outside next to the venue.

And there she was. FELICIA!!!! Or Fe as we all know her and how she reminded us that she likes to be called. It was so surreal to see her standing there after all the documentaries and interviews of her being next to Britney. Let me tell you something, Fe is the nicest person in the world. She obviously has Britney’s back 100% but she also genuinely makes each fan feel welcome and relaxed. She told us what to expect about the meet and greet and that Britney, despite her stage presence, is very shy. So if you don’t introduce yourself and say what you want to say then she probably won’t start the conversation for you. Right after Fe was done speaking who walks by but Willie Gomez. I did not think it was possible that he looks even more handsome in person. And he totally waved back to me. I died.

So finally we were all in a single file line to meet Brit. We got scanned one more time and were told nothing in our hands or pockets. My friend and I were probably 6th and 7th in line of like 25 people. My heart was beating so fast. Everything I wanted to say to her left me as soon as I rounded the corner and saw her standing there and smiling. My goodness you don’t even know how beautiful she really is until you’re standing there next to her. I mean we all know she’s gorgeous but no camera can do justice to just how amazing she really looks. Somehow I got my name out of my mouth and we shook hands. Then I quickly launched into how Stronger has always been my go to anthem for any hardship in my life but especially when I was coming out. She was so genuinely touched by that and told me that she was “so glad it helped sweetie and that was a very nice story to share.” Next thing I know she put hers arm around my shoulder and shoves me in closer to her and we snapped out picture together. I thanked her, started walking off, and barely registered that none other than Larry Rudolph was standing right there.

We also waited outside for everyone’s pics to be done and Fe to come outside and give us the clear that we didn’t have to retake any of the pics. My friend and I stayed behind for another 15 minutes to chat with Fe about various things including my love and happiness for Britney. Then we joked with Fe to come party with us after the show and she laughed and told us she has too much Netflix to watch. We talked about some shows and movies that we all love on there. We literally could have talked for ages.

Britney obviously went on to put on an amazing show (this was the one with the costume issue which she handled like a boss and did not stop singing or dancing for even a second). After the show, we got to pick up our pictures and lol and behold what does Fe have for me in addition to my pic? A list of shows on Netflix I have to watch. Guess I have new Halloween weekend plans….

Seriously though can’t think Fe, Crowdrise, and Ticketmaster enough for this experience. I cry happy tears just thinking about it. And of course, thanks and glory always goes to the one and only Britney.

Aw! Thanks for sharing your story with us Chris! If anyone would like to share their Meet and Greet story be sure to contact Britney-Galaxy!