ET will be premiering the full #PrivateShow commercial on Wednesday!

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Are you ready for Britney’s Private show?!

ET confirmed that they will be showing behind the scenes footage of Britney shooting her commercial.  Than on Wednesday ET will be premiering the FULL private show commercial along with an ear-full of that catchy track. Check out their statement below:

As for the “stay tuned” part, you won’t have to wait long. ET will feature exclusive footage of the “Work B*tch” singer shooting the sexy spot on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, we will be debuting the full commercial — including an ear-full of that catchy track.

Until then, we’ll be over here cooing “Ooo! Ooo! Baby! Baby!” on repeat.

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We can’t wait ANY longer!! This week seems like it’s going to be a Spears filled week!