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Nov 8, 2015

Docquir Astrid Meet and Greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe


AW!! What an ADORABLE picture!

Check out Britney Army member,Docquir Astrid, meet and greet story with Britney Spears:

Hello B-Army

My name is Astrid. I’m 26 years old and I have been a huge fan of Britney Spears. I’m french, so I already apologize for my imperfect english.

I just returned from an amazing trip to Las Vegas. I needed some time to come back to earth after an incredible and crazy stay with the B family !

I would never have imagined to relive that. I met great people (Armin Rasekhi, it was nice to meet you ! J). I keep a ton of memories !

I was lucky enough to live again a private moment with Britney.

So I met her again on October 14 th 2015 in Las Vegas.

I must admit that it was absolutely no plans to go back to vegas .

In fact, it was an incredible challenge . If britney answered me on twitter or fav me, my fiance and I go back to Vegas .

As I had never had a return of Britney, I didn’t believe at all in this game !

Except June 8th, 2015 , I heard a “BIP” on my phone , it was Britney that fav my last tweet ! I couldn’t believe my eyes !

And therefore, my fiance told me that the game is the game. So I was going to relive a incredible stay.

10/14/15 : the awaited day was finally here.

At 6.30 PM, I was waiting my turn with the other fans to find our sweet Fe.

when I saw Fe after a year, she recognized me right away and called me by my name and hugged me !

This woman so important to Britney hadn’t forgotten me !

I though I was hallucinating ! I was so happy to see her again.

The backstage tour began. It was great to see again the backstage, all the costumes, … During the tour, I saw Britney’s dad.

After the backstage tour, we got 15 minute break before the meeting.

I asked to Fe a photo with her and I gave to her for Britney a gift and a letter.

She thanked me and said she immediately give them to Britney.

When we came outside, it was the moment to heard the security rules.

After, it was the big moment !

Five persons (I think) were in front of me. It was going so fast that it was soon my turn. Unlike the other times I met her, this time I could easily see her shadow behind the white promo wall.

It was really stressful to think she is here and she is waiting to meet us !

OMG My heart started racing ! it’s so crazy to feel so many emotions in the same time !

A security guard told me that it was my turn !

I walked up to her to shake her hand and said : « Hi Britney, my name is Astrid and I’m from Belgium. I met you last year. And she said : « Hi Astrid, nice to meet you again ! How are you ? ». « OMG !!! Britney remembered of me ?! No it’s impossible lol !! I said that I was so happy to meet her again and to tell her how much I love her !

She was in a very good mood, very smiling and in the listening.

It’s time for the picture.

she directly entwined me ! It was unreal !!!!

As I wanted to hold her hand, I immediately looked at her eyes and asked if I could do it. She said : « Yess of course sweetie, with pleasure !! ».

So during the photo, I told her hand and and I still feel her face against mine.

So close to her, I was dying OMG !

After that, I told her that I’m very excited about B9 and that I really love the « Piece Of Me Show ». She said me that she is very excited too about it !

I thanked her a lot for being her. She wished me a good evening and I hugged her again.

It was again a perfect moment with her ! I feel like a lucky fan !

The show was perfect ! She was on fire, with great energy !!!

When the show was ended, I saw again Felicia who complimented me on my photo with Britney ! She told me too that Britney really love my bracelet !!!

OMG she made my day !

After the show, I’m very satisfied to have seen again one of the best dancer ever, Mister Willie Gomez.

I shall never thank him enough his kindness. He is so talented and very very humble !

Delighted that he recognized me because I tweet him a lot and he answered me.

After that, he wrote me some sweets words in private, and in his twitter account.

What good times !! I had no expectation about that !

Thank you so much Anthony and Britney-Galaxy for posting again my M&G story and thank you all the B-Army <3 !