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May 1, 2016

Celebrating 9 Years Of The M+M’s Tour – Britney Spears

Today we celebrate 9 Years of the M+M’s Tour!

The M+M’s Tour was the sixth concert tour consisting of only six short shows at clubs in the U.S.

Britney was speaking about another mini tour since February 2006 and shortly thereafter started rehearsals at the House Of Blues club in secret. Britney had a surprise performance on April 25, 2007 at a L.A night club Forty Deuce.

After an announcement of secret performer at The House Of Blues for the M+M’s Tour, the media quickly sussed out the act would be Britney and the show immediately sold out. This would be the first time fans could see Britney perform since her 2004, Onyx Hotel Tour.

The show was only 12-16 minutes in length. Britney was accompanied by four female back-up dancers performing to shortened versions of five iconic Britney tracks. The Tracks were; ‘…Baby One More Time,’ ‘Toxic,’ ‘Breathe On Me,’ ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ and ‘Do Something.’

Britney pulled up a male member from the audience for each performance and performed a ‘Lap Dance.’ 9 Years later, one of the male acts proposed to his girlfriend during a ‘Piece Of Me,’ meet and greet in front of Britney.

The show was extremely sought after and tickets were being sold outside the venue for up to $500, even though their face value was only $35.

Britney wanted people to forget any personal issues she had at the time and remember that she was first and foremost a talented artist. The tour although very short became very famous and iconic, it even prompted Madame Tussauds to change the look of their ‘Slave’ wax doll to the new ‘M+M’s’ look. The Wax Figure went through many looks..

The doll was the exact same as above however redressed with the pink bra and white fur jacket.

Take a look back at the MTV and the Thought Catalog articles out around that time.

Celebrate with us by watching the full tour here:

Happy Birthday M+M’s Tour!